Although weight bias and stigma have been more frequently discussed among the obesity community in recently years, several important considerations are rarely discussed. These include weight bias internalization, experimental data on addressing weight bias, and practical guidance on minimizing weight stigma and self-stigma. This symposium will describe the relevance of weight bias internalization, an issue unique from experiencing external weight bias that mediates part of the relationship between weight bias experiences and adverse health outcomes. We will review interventional data on clinical treatment for experienced and internalized weight bias; and offer practical considerations and examples for weight bias prevention and intervention in weight clinics and primary care settings.

8:30am Internalized Weight Bias or Self-Stigma—An Overview
Rebecca M Puhl, PhD
9:00am Interventions to Address Experienced and Internalized Weight Bias
Rebecca L Pearl, PhD
9:30am In the Clinic: Practical Opportunities to Intervene
Allison Grupski, PhD