This session will discuss current controversies in technical optimization for achieving better results overtime in patients undergoing bariatric surgery, tips and tricks and alternative solutions in revisional-case scenarios. The topics will include a debate on controversies on:
a) Step-by-step technical systematization for SG and RYGB;
b) Revisional surgical and endoscopic options for failed or complicated situations;
c) Bariatric surgery for patients with gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and/or large esophageal hiatal hernias;
d) Patients with previous anti-reflux procedures;
e) Treatment for leaks after laparoscopic gastric bypass (LRYGB) or sleeve gastrectomy (LSG).

In a 4-screen session discussion, case-videos examples will be used to help better delineate the most common scenarios and the different treatment options including revision of the recent relevant published data to enrich the discussion, as well guidance and tips to assist in treating these challenging patients.

Coordinators:: Kelvin Higa, MD FASMBS; Diego Camacho, MD; Samuel Szomstein, MD FASMBS; Alex Escalona, MD
3:45pm Gastric pouch construction - Presenter: Andrey Carlo
3:53pm Circular, linear or hand-sewn GJA - Presenter: Guilherme Mazzini
4:02pm Jejuno-Jejunostomy construction - Presenter: Luciano Santos
4:11pm Lengthening the limbs - Presenter: Abdon Murad Jr
4:20pm Closure of the defects - Presenter: Admar Concon Filho
4:29pm Patient with previous anti-reflux procedure - Presenter: Thiago Szego
4:38pm RYGB in the patient with hiatal hernia -Presenter: Antonio Cláudio
4:47pm Gastric Bypass with Paraesophageal Hernia -Presenter: Pablo Omelanczuk
4:56pm Revisional surgery from Sleeve to RYGB - Presenter: Eduardo Pachu
5:05pm Conversion from AGB to RYGB -Presenter: Marcelo Salem
Coordinators:: Jaime Ponce, MD FASMBS; Camilo Boza, MD
3:45pm Technique for SG in situs inversus - Presenter: Luis Poggi Machuca
3:53pm Sizing the antrum - Presenter: Claudio de Luca
4:02pm Resecting the fundus - Presenter: Patrick Noel
4:11pm Closing the crura -Presenter: Edwin Gonzalo
4:20pm With stapler line reinforcement -Presenter: Vladimir Schraibman
4:29pm Without stapler line reinforcement - Presenter: Eduardo Lemos de Souza Bastos
4:38pm Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy - Presenter: Mohit Bhandari
4:47pm Gastro-omentopexy - Presenter: Josemberg Marins Campos
4:56pm SG with Hiatal Hernia - Presenter: Camilo Boza
5:05pm SG Technique to avoid GERD - Presenter: Paulo Nassif
Coordinators:: Raúl Rosenthal, MD; Andre Teixeira, MD FACS FASMBS; Marina Kurian, MD FASMBS; Ricardo Cohen, PhD MD
3:45pm Endoscopic treatment of leaks -Presenter: João Caetano Marchesini
3:53pm Surgical treatment of leaks - Presenter: Antonio Carlos Valezi
4:02pm Internal hernias - Presenter: Hugo Sanchez
4:11pm Intestinal occlusion after RYGB caused by balloon impaction - Presenter: Marcos Berry
4:20pm Treatment of Gastro-gastric fistula -Presenter: Luiz Roberto Kaiser
4:29pm Sleeve conversion - Presenter: Muhammad Jawad
4:38pm Bypass conversion - Presenter: Glauco Alvarez
4:47pm Porto-Mesenteric Thrombosis - Presenter: Felipe Koleski
4:56pm Revision from RYGB to DS - Presenter: Nilton Kawahara
TBA Band revision - Presenter: Estuardo Behrens
Coordinators:: Alfons Pomp, MD FASMBS; Almino Ramos, MD IFASMBS; Antonio José Torres García, MD PhD FACS FASMBS
3:45pm Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty - Presenter: Erik Wilson
3:53pm Different Models of Balloons – Advantages and Disadvantages - Presenter: Thiago Ferreira de Souza
4:02pm Argon-plasma coagulation to treat weigh regain - Presenter: Luiz Gustavo Quadros
4:11pm Gastricvest - Presenter: Juan Lopes Corvala
4:20pm Gastric-Clamp - Presenter: Natan Zundel
4:29pm SADI-S - Presenter: Amador Garcia Ruiz de Gordejuela
4:38pm One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass - Presenter: Almino C. Ramos
4:47pm Sleeve Gastrectomy with Transit Bipartition - Presenter: Felippe Camarotto
4:56pm Ileal Interposition with Sleeve Gastrectomy and Splanchnic Denervation - Presenter: Alcides José Branco Filho
5:05pm New technical proposition for RYGB revision - Presenter: Pedro Martinez Duartez