The brain plays a critical role in the regulation of food intake, and obesity is associated with differences in neural responses to food cues and stimuli. Being obese in childhood may have a significant impact at a critical time of brain development and may therefore constitute an especially significant risk factor for the development and persistence of obesity. Conversely, the developing brain may itself be more reactive to obesogenic factors such as food cues or stress. This symposium will focus on neurobiological and functional imaging studies examining the impact of obesity on the developing brain and the ways it may promote lifelong obesity.

1:30pm Brain Neurocircuitry in Childhood Eating Behavior and Obesity
Kathleen L Keller, PhD
2:00pm Early Life Dietary Effects on Brain Development/Function and Behavior
Teresa M Reyes, PhD
2:30pm Neuroimaging in Children/Adolescents With Overweight and Obesity
Antonio Convit, MD