1:30pm T-OR-2049 Antibiotic Use and Weight Outcomes in Children: the PCORnet Antibiotics Study
Authors: Jason P Block, MD MPH; Charles Bailey, MD PhD; Matthew Daley, MD; Ihuoma Eneli, MD; Jonathan Finkelstein, MD PhD; Matthew Gillman, MD; Bill Heerman; Casie Horgan, MPH; Daniel S Hsia, MD; Melanie Jay, MD MS; Douglas Lunsford; Goutham Rao, MD; Juliane S Reynolds, MPH; Sheryl L Rifas-Shiman, MPH; Jessica Sturtevant, ScM; Elsie Tavares, MD MPH; Darren Toh, ScD; Jessica Young, PhD; Christopher B Forrest, MD PhD
Presenter: Jason P Block, MD MPH
1:45pm T-OR-2050 Would an Association Between Early Antibiotics and Childhood Obesity Matter to Parents?
Authors: Ellen A Lipstein, MD MPH; Jason P Block, MD MPH; Cassandra Dodds, MA; Christopher B Forrest, MD PhD; William J Heerman, MD MPH; J. Kiely Law, MD MPH; Douglas Lunsford; Paula Winkler, MEd; Jonathan Finkelstein, MD PhD
Presenter: William J Heerman, MD MPH
2:00pm T-OR-2051 Associations Between Snacking Parameters and Weight Status Among U.S. Toddlers and Preschoolers
Authors: Alexandria Kachurak, MS; Adam Davey, PhD; Regan L Bailey, PhD MPH RD CPH; Jennifer O Fisher, PhD
Presenter: Alexandria Kachurak, MS
2:15pm T-OR-2052 Fast Food and Corner Stores Near NYC Public Schools: The Effect on Childhood Obesity
Authors: Pasquale E Rummo, PhD MPH; Zachary McDermott, MA; Brian Elbel, PhD MPH; Amy E Schwartz, PhD
Presenter: Pasquale E Rummo, PhD MPH
2:30pm T-OR-2053 Impact of Healthier School Food Policies on Students' Diets During and After the School Day
Authors: Juliana F Cohen, ScD; Mary T Gorski, MS; Jessica A Hoffman, PhD; Lindsay Rosenfeld, ScD ScM; Lauren Smith, MD; Eric B Rimm, ScD
Presenter: Juliana F Cohen, ScD
2:45pm T-OR-2054 Pediatric Loss of Control (LOC) Eating Mediates the Link Between Anxiety and BMIz / Body Fat Mass
Authors: Anne Claire Grammer, BA; Marian Tanofsky-Kraff, PhD; Natasha L Burke, PhD; Rim D Mehari, BS; Sarah J Mi; Shannon E Marwitz, BS; Faizah Shareef, BS; Lisa M Shank, MS; Monika M Stojek, PhD; Meghan E Byrne, BA; Marissa Barmine, BS; Jenna Gorlick, BS; Natasha A Schvey, PhD; Sheila M Brady, MSN CRNP; Miranda M Broadney, MD MPH; Nichole R Kelly, PhD; Susan Z Yanovski, MD FTOS; Jack A Yanovski, MD PhD
Presenter: Anne Claire Grammer, BA