8:00am T-OR-2067 NFATC2IP Genotype-Methylation-Transcription Variants and Adiposity Changes in a Weight-Loss Trial
Authors: Dianjianyi Sun, PhD; Yoriko Heianza, PhD; Tao Huang; Wenjie Ma; Steven R Smith, MD; George A Bray, MD; Frank M Sacks, MD; Lu Qi, MD PhD
Presenter: Dianjianyi Sun, PhD
8:15am T-OR-2068 Obligation, Persuasion, and Pressure, Oh My! Directive Support and Weight Loss in Context
Authors: Talea Cornelius, PhD MSW; Katelyn Gettens, MA; Erin M Lenz, PhD; Gary D Foster, PhD; Alexis Wojtanowski, BS; Amy Gorin, PhD
Presenter: Talea Cornelius, PhD MSW
8:30am T-OR-2069 A Toolbox Approach to Obesity Treatment Within Primary Care: Results From a Pragmatic Clinical Trial
Authors: David Saxon, MD; Erin C Leister, MS; Elizabeth Juarez-Colunga, PhD; Adam G Tsai, MD MSCE FACP; Sean Iwamoto, MD; Rebecca B Speer, MA; Hilde Heyn; Elizabeth Kealey, RD; Daniel H Bessesen, MD
Presenter: David Saxon, MD
8:45am T-OR-2070 Anti-Obesity Medication Use in 2.2 Million Adults Across 8 Large Healthcare Organizations: 2009-2015
Authors: David Saxon, MD; Sean Iwamoto, MD; Christie J Mettenbrink, MSPH GISP; David Arterburn, MD MPH; Matthew Daley, MD; Caryn E Oshiro, PhD RD; Corinna Koebnick, PhD; Michael Horberg, MD; Daniel H Bessesen, MD
Presenter: David Saxon, MD
9:00am T-OR-2071 Association Between Weight Loss and the Risk of Cancer After Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Daniel Schauer, MD MSc; Heather Spencer Feigelson, PhD MPH; Corinna Koebnick, PhD; Bette Caan, DrPH; Sheila A Weinmann, PhD MPH; Anthony C Leonard, PhD; J David Powers, MS; Panduranga R Yenumula, MD; David Arterburn, MD MPH
Presenter: Daniel Schauer, MD MSc
9:15am T-OR-2072 Comparative Effectiveness of Bariatric Procedures Among 46,510 Adults in the PCORnet Bariatric Study
Authors: David Arterburn, MD MPH; Robert Wellman; Ana Emiliano; Steven R Smith, MD; Andrew Odegaard, PhD; Neely Williams; Karen J Coleman, PhD; Anita P Courcoulas, MD MPH FACS; Rebecca Y Coley; Jane Anau, BS; Roy Pardee, JD MA; Darren Toh, ScD; Cheri D Janning, RN BSN MS; Andrea Cook, PhD; Jessica Sturtevant, ScM; Casie Horgan, MPH; Kathleen McTigue, MD MPH MS
Presenter: David Arterburn, MD MPH