1:30pm T-OR-2043 A Role for the Salience Network in Normal and Abnormal Satiety Processing
Authors: Susan J Melhorn, PhD; Mary K Askren, PhD; Kathryn Berkseth, MD; Mary F Webb, ND; Mary Rosalynn B De Leon, BS; Kenneth R Maravilla, MD; Thomas J Grabowski, MD; William W Seeley, MD; Ellen A Schur, MD MS
Presenter: Ellen A Schur, MD MS
1:45pm T-OR-2044 Astrocytes in the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius Are Required for the Energy Balance Effects of Leptin
Authors: Lauren M Stein, PhD; David J Reiner; Claudia FG Liberini, PhD; Kieran L Koch-Laskowski, BA; Matthew R Hayes, PhD
Presenter: Lauren M Stein, PhD
2:00pm T-OR-2045 Bilateral Stimulation of the Abdominal Vagus Modifies Dopamine Connectivity in Acquired Obesity
Authors: Charles-Henri C Malbert; ChloƩ Picq; Jean-Louis JL Divoux, Ing; Mickael Genissel; Julien Georges; Francis Legouevec; Alain Chauvin; Christine Henry, MSc
Presenter: Charles-Henri C Malbert
2:15pm T-OR-2046 Hedonic Eating Reduction After Bariatric Surgery Is Related to Changes in the Brain Reward System
Authors: Arpana Gupta, PhD; Emeran A Mayer, MD PhD; Elizabeth R Gallagher; Ravi R Bhatt, BSc; Tiffany Ju, BA; Kristen Coveleskie, PhD; Jean E Stains, RN; Cody McNalley, BS; Anna Balioukova, NP; Yijun Chen, MD; Jennifer S Labus, PhD; Erik P Dutson, MD FACS; Claudia P Sanmiguel, MD
Presenter: Arpana Gupta, PhD
2:30pm T-OR-2047 Reprogramming of the Splanchnic Innervation After Gastric Bypass to Regulate Energy Homeostasis
Authors: Mohamad Mokadem, MD; Yuanchao Ye, PhD; Marwa Abu el-Haija, MD; Donald Morgan; Ruth Riedl; Leonid Zingman, MD PhD; Deborah Clegg, PhD; Justin Grobe, PhD; Kamal Rahmouni, PhD
Presenter: Mohamad Mokadem, MD
2:45pm T-OR-2048 Circadian Rhythmicity of Gastric Satiety Signalling Is Dependent On Diet and the Light Dark Cycle
Authors: Stephen J Kentish, PhD; Stewart D Christie, BHthSci; Gary A Wittert, MBBch MD FRACP; Amanda J Page, PhD
Presenter: Amanda J Page, PhD