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Low calorie sweeteners (LCS) are intended to permit the consumption of sweet tasting foods and beverages while reducing the calories that these items contain. Whether this substitution is of benefit for weight loss or weight loss maintenance is, however, an area of considerable controversy. The goal of this preconference is to elucidate the current science on whether the consumption of low calorie sweeteners is of overall benefit for calorie reduction and concomitant weight management. Areas what will be discussed include the population consumption of LCS; how LCS relate to eating episodes; the response taste receptors and how this affects taste preferences; eating patterns related to LCS consumption; what we know about LCS and the gut microbiome; and the results of both population and randomized controlled studies on LCS.

This preconference is free to attend and breakfast is provided from 8:00 am to 9:00 am, but advanced registration is required using this link.

9:00am Eating Episodes of Nutritive and Low Calorie Sweeteners in Food, Beverage and Condiments: NHANES 2009-2012
Bernadette Marriott, PhD
9:45am Taste Receptors and Taste Preferences for Low Calorie Sweeteners
John Glendinning, PhD
10:30am Food Intake, Body Weight and Low Calorie Sweeteners—A Review of the Evidence
Peter Rogers, BSc(Sus) MSc(Sus) PhD(Leeds) CPsychol FBPsS RNutr
11:15am Metabolic Effects of Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Proposed Mechanisms and Implications for Human Health
Allison C Sylvetsky Meni, PhD