Twelve early career members with top-scoring abstracts will present their work as a 3-minute talk. They will be challenged to effectively and efficiently communicate their scientific findings to a broad audience using just one slide. Join us to get a glimpse of the innovative obesity research being conducted by your peers and vote on which one you think are the best!

Presentation Schedule:

TBA T-P-3382 Long-Term Improvement in Insulin Resistance Following Bariatric Surgery: An 11-year Follow Up Study
Authors: Dylan Thomas, MD; Caroline Apovian, MD; Wendy Anderson, MS RDN LDN; Liqun Yu, PhD; Donald T Hess, MD; Brian J Carmine, MD; Nawfal Istfan, MD PhD
Presenter: Dylan Thomas, MD
TBA T-P-3204 FTO Gene (rs9939609) and Ad Libitum Snack Intake in Healthy Children
Authors: Haley A Davis, BA; Lisa M Ranzenhofer, PhD; Hanna K Mielke-Maday, BS; Hailey J McInerney, BA; Janet Schebendach, RD PhD; Marian Tanofsky-Kraff, PhD; Rudolph L Leibel, MD; B. Timothy Walsh, MD; Michael Rosenbaum, MD; Laurel Mayer, MD
Presenter: Haley A Davis, BA
TBA T-P-3185 How Much Will This Rat Eat? – A Mathematical Model to Predict Calorie Intake
Authors: Rahmatollah Beheshti, PhD; Yada Treesukosol, PhD; Takeru Igusa, PhD; Timothy H Moran, PhD FTOS
Presenter: Rahmatollah Beheshti, PhD
TBA T-P-3436 Methylome-wide Association Study of Central Adiposity and Body Fat Distribution in African Americans
Authors: Anne E Justice, PhD; Lindsay Fernandez-Rhodes, PhD; Megan L Grove, MS; Ching-Ti Liu, PhD; L. Adrienne Cupples; Weihua Guan, PhD; Jan Bressler, PhD; Myriam Fornage, PhD; Eric Boerwinkle, PhD; Yun Li, PhD; Ellen W Demerath, PhD; Eric A Whitsel; Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD FTOS; Annie Green Howard, PhD; Kari North, PhD
Presenter: Anne E Justice, PhD
TBA T-P-3404 Weight Loss Medication Use Is Low and Extremely Variable Across the Department of Veterans Affairs
Authors: David Saxon, MD; Elise Gunzburger, MS; Varsha Vimalananda, MD MPH; Daniel H Bessesen, MD
Presenter: David Saxon, MD
TBA T-P-3385 Identification and Characterization of the Pattern of Weight Regain in Adults
Authors: Kathryn M Ross, PhD MPH; Peihua Qiu, PhD; Lu You, BS; Rena R Wing, PhD
Presenter: Kathryn M Ross, PhD MPH
TBA T-P-3141 Neighborhood Credit Score as a Novel Measure for Individual Obesity Risk
Authors: Emily A Knapp; Lorraine T Dean, ScD
Presenter: Emily A Knapp
TBA T-P-3238 Effects of Short-Term Dynamic Resistance Training on Cardiac Fat in Obese Women: A MRI Pilot Study
Authors: Maria Fernandez-del-Valle, PhD; Shelby Kloiber, MSc; Jason E Hill; Joaquin U Gonzales, PhD; Sunanda Mitra, DSc; Eneko Larumbe-Zabala, PhD
Presenter: Maria Fernandez-del-Valle, PhD
TBA T-P-3124-DT Maternal Prepregnancy Overweight and Obesity Are Associated With Lower IQ Scores in Boys at Age 7
Authors: Elizabeth M Widen, PhD; Beverly J Insel, PhD; Irene Tsai; Lori A Hoepner, MPH DrPH; Pam Factor-Litvak, PhD; Virginia Rauh, ScD; Frederica Perera, DrPH PhD; Andrew G Rundle, DrPH
Presenter: Elizabeth M Widen, PhD
TBA T-P-3042 Participation in a Physical Activity Intervention Reduces Summer Weight Gain in Diverse Youth
Authors: E. Whitney Evans, PhD; Dale Bond, PhD; Whitney C Howie, MPH; Denise Pierre, BS; Rena R Wing, PhD; Elissa Jelalian, PhD
Presenter: E. Whitney Evans, PhD
TBA T-P-3116 Impact of Obesity in Men With Breast Cancer
Authors: Julia C Parrish, MS3; Samantha Williams, BA; Anneloor Dierickx, MD; Ayca Gucalp, MD; Andrew J Dannenberg, MD; Neil M Iyengar, MD
Presenter: Julia C Parrish, MS3
TBA T-P-3214 Gut-Microbiome Related LCT Genotype and 2-year Changes in Adiposity in Response to Weight-Loss Diets
Authors: Yoriko Heianza, PhD; Dianjianyi Sun, PhD; Catherine M Champagne, PhD; George A Bray, MD; Frank M Sacks, MD; Lu Qi, MD PhD
Presenter: Yoriko Heianza, PhD