The awards program was created more than a decade ago to promote, reward, and encourage research in the field of obesity, with the end goal of helping to improve the lives of those affected. Each award recognizes the honoree for their scientific achievements and major contributions to the basic science, treatment and prevention of obesity. Congratulations to the following recipients:

2017 Friends of Albert (Mickey) Stunkard Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to this recipient who, like Mickey Stunkard, has made a lifetime of outstanding contributions to the field of obesity in terms of scholarship, mentorship and education. This year’s recipient is:
Eric Ravussin, PhD, FTOS
Pennington Biomedical Research Center

2017 TOPS Research Achievement Award

The TOPS Research Achievement Award recognizes singular achievements or contributions to research in the field of obesity and is made possible by an annual grant from the Take Off Pounds Sensibly Foundation (TOPS). This year’s recipient is:
Christos S. Mantzoros, MD
Harvard Medical School

2017 Atkinson-Stern Award for Distinguished Public Service

Recognizes an individual or organization whose work has significantly improved the lives of those affected by obesity, whether through research, public policy, patient care, or other means. This year’s recipient is:
Michelle Obama
Obama Foundation

Master of the American Board of Obesity Medicine

The Master award recognizes physicians that have made significant contributions to the science, practice and/or advancement of obesity medicine. This year’s recipient is:
W. Timothy Garvey, MD, FTOS
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Presentation Schedule:

10:45am A Journey in Energy Balance and Obesity Research
Eric Ravussin, PhD
11:30am From Lipodystrophy to Obesity in the Beginning of the 21st Century: Ex Quo and Quo Vadimus?
Christos Mantzoros, MD