This ASMBS course provides an overview of perioperative care of the bariatric surgery patient, by discussing the current controversies and best practices. It is designed for nurses, dietitians, behavioral health clinicians, and advanced practice nurses and physician assistants as well as surgeons.


  • To assess the roles of preoperative diets, such as “shrink the liver diets” or VLCDs.
  • To consider the best way to perform preoperative psychological evaluations, and whether online evaluations are a reasonable option.
  • To identify the warning signs of postoperative problems, in the hospital and as an outpatient.
  • To understand what discharge criteria you might consider including in your practice and whether sleeves should be discharged the same day.
  • To learn about the ASMBS Sleeve Gastrectomy Pathway, and how it can be used.

1:30pm Shrink the liver diets -- what they are and why they work
Laura Andromalos, MS RD LDN CDE
1:45pm There is a role for VLCDs in a surgical practice
Laura Andromalos, MS RD LDN CDE
2:00pm Panel Q&A
2:15pm Cyber pscyh is the future: timely, efficient and expert care at your service
Connie Stapleton, PhD
2:30pm Pscyh evals can only be done in person
Jessica K Salwen, PhD
2:45pm Panel Q&A
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Danger, danger…..the warning signs to look out for .... in the hospital
Karen Flanders, MSN ARNP CBN
3:40pm Panel: Danger, danger…..the warning signs to look out for … up to and at the first postop visit. Matt Hutter, Maureen Quigley, Karen Flanders
3:50pm Danger, danger…..the warning signs to look out for … from a psych standpoint
Afton Koball, PhD ABPP
4:00pm Panel Q&A
4:15pm Getting a swallow study postop: does it help or hurt?
Konstantinos Spaniolas, MD
4:25pm Ready for Discharge: Discharge criteria to consider
John Scott, MD FASMBS
4:35pm Same day sleeves– is this safe?
Elan R Witkowski, MD
4:50pm Putting it all together: the ASMBS Sleeve Gastrectomy Pathway
Dana A Telem, MD
5:15pm Panel Q&A
5:30pm Adjourn