First five of our top abstracts submitted to ASMBS for ObesityWeek 2017.

10:20am A101 Is laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy safer than laparoscopic gastric bypass? a comparison of complications and mortality using the mbsaqip data registry
Authors: Sandhya Kumar, MD; Barbara Hamilton, MD; Soren Jonzzon, Medical Student; Stephanie G B Wood, MD; Stanley J Rogers, MD; Jonathan T Carter, MD; Matthew Y Lin, MD
Presenter: Sandhya Kumar, MD
Discussant: Kelvin Higa, MD FASMBS
10:40am A102 Alarming trends regarding laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Benjamin L Clapp, MD; Colin Martyn, MD; Matthew Wynn, BS; Chase Foster, MS; Caesar Ricci, MD; Alan Tyroch, MD; Montana O'Dell, BS
Presenter: Colin Martyn, MD
Discussant: Phillip R Schauer, MD FACS
11:00am A103 Weight recidivism after bariatric surgery
Authors: Michael C Morell, MD; Shanu Kothari, MD; Andrew J. Borgert, PhD; Matthew T Baker, MD; Brandon T Grover, DO
Presenter: Michael C Morell, MD
Discussant: Samer Mattar, MD
11:20am A104 Live surgery courses. restrospective safety analysis after 11 editions
Authors: Amador Garcia Ruiz, MD PhD; Beatriz Campillo Alonso, MD; Maria Sorribas Grifell, MD; Almino Cardoso Ramos, MD PhD; Manoel Galvao, MD IFASMBS; Mario Nora, MD; Andrés Sánchez-Pernaute, MD PhD; Antonio José Torres García, MD PhD FACS FASMBS; Jordi Pujol Gebelli, MD PhD
Presenter: Amador Garcia Ruiz, MD PhD
Discussant: Marina Kurian, MD FASMBS
11:40am A105 Investigation of the role of the gut microbiota in sustained weight loss following roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery
Authors: Farnaz Fouladi, PharmD; Amanda Brooks, PhD; Carrie Nelson, RN; Ian Carroll, PhD; Kristine J Steffen, PharmD PhD
Presenter: Farnaz Fouladi, PharmD
Discussant: Lee M Kaplan, MD PhD