8:00am T-OR-2061 Brain Reactivity to Visual Food Stimuli After Food Commercial Exposure in Children
Authors: Travis D Masterson, MS; Marielle G Austen, BS; Maria Bermudez; Amanda S Bruce, PhD; Kathleen L Keller, PhD
Presenter: Travis D Masterson, MS
8:15am T-OR-2062 Body Mass Dependent Differences in Functional Connectivity: A Weight Discordant Twin Investigation
Authors: Jennifer R Sadler, BA; Grace E Shearrer, PhD; Kyle S Burger, MPH PhD RD
Presenter: Jennifer R Sadler, BA
8:30am T-OR-2063 Do Gut Hormones Attenuate Eating/Addictive Behaviours in Obesity, Alcohol and Nicotine Dependence?
Authors: Anthony Goldstone, MD PhD FTOS; Liam J Nestor, PhD; Nienke J Pannekoek, PhD; Yong Y Ling; Federica Vanelli; Sriranganath Akavarapu, MBBS MRCP MD; Barbara Kobson; Marcus R Munafò, PhD; Anne R Lingford-Hughes; David J Nutt, MD PhD
Presenter: Anthony Goldstone, MD PhD FTOS
8:45am T-OR-2064 Effects of Ad Libitum and Binge-like Consumption of Dietary Fat on Lingual CD36 mRNA Expression
Authors: Stefany Primeaux, PhD; Darryl A Gaudet; Jonquil M Poret, BS
Presenter: Stefany Primeaux, PhD
9:00am T-OR-2065 Comparison of ERP and fMRI Measures of Food-Related Inhibition: Implications for BMI Status and Diet
Authors: Kaylie A Carbine, BS; Kara M Duraccio, MS; C. Brock Kirwan, PhD; Nathan M Muncy, MS; James D Lecheminant, PhD; Michael J Larson, PhD
Presenter: Kaylie A Carbine, BS
9:15am T-OR-2066 Hypoactivation of Cognitive Control Brain Regions in Obese Smokers During Smoking Cue Exposure
Authors: Alice V Ely, PhD; Kanchana Jagannathan, MS; Nathan Hager, BA; Heather Pater, BA; Anna Rose Childress, PhD; Reagan R Wetherill, PhD; Theresa R Franklin, PhD
Presenter: Alice V Ely, PhD