The line is blurry between obesity and eating disorders, and in fact, they often co-occur in patients we meet in clinic. There’s uncertainty about how to work with patients who present with both obesity and eating disorder pathology. What are the best practices for detecting eating disorders in patients we’re treating for their obesity? What should we do when our weight management patients present with eating disorder pathology? What about eating disorder patients who are also obese? Can and should we treat their obesity? Ultimately, what are best practices for those of us who work at the intersection of these clinical problems? These are some of the questions this symposium will clarify.

8:00am Integrating Risk Factors for Eating Disorders Into the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity
Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, PhD MPH RD
8:30am Management of Disordered Eating in Practice: Meds and Clinical Practice
Kelly C Allison, PhD
9:00am Treatment of Obesity in Patients With Eating Disorders
Meghan L Butryn, PhD