Course Overview

This course is designed for integrated health professionals and surgeons to take a deeper dive into the nutritional aspects and other multidisciplinary subjects affecting the weight management setting.

8:00am Introduction
Psychological Aspects Involved in Weight Management
8:05am Eating Disorders and the Effects on Bariatric Surgery
Kasey Goodpaster, PhD
8:40am Exploring Food Relationships and Successfully Navigating your Patient
Allison Grupski, PhD
9:15am Panel Q & A
9:30am Break
Medical Topics in Weight Management
10:00am Overview of the Gut Microbiome and Implications in Weight Management
John Morton, MD MPH FACS
10:30am Prebiotics, Probiotics and Functional Foods – Practical Uses in the Clinic
Cassie Story, RDN
10:50am VLCD: An essential element of weight management
John B Dixon, MBBS PhD
11:15am Pharmacotherapy in a Multi-disciplinary Weight Management Setting
Robert F Kushner, MD
11:45am Panel Q & A
12:00pm Lunch
A Closer Look at Nutritional Aspects
1:35pm Vitamin K: An overview and Use in Bariatric Surgery
Catherine Chapmon, MS RD
1:55pm Bariatric Surgery and Reactive Hypoglycemia
Silvia Faria, PhD MS
2:20pm Syncope in relation to Dumping Syndrome: Tips and Prevention
Laura Andromalos, MS RD LDN CDE
2:45pm Panel Q & A
3:00pm Break
Nutrition and the Common Procedure - Sleeve Gastrectomy
3:30pm Assessment and Management of Weight Regain in Sleeve Gastrectomy
Sue Cummings, MS RD
4:05pm Nutrition Deficiencies in Sleeve Gastrectomy: What can we expect & why?
Julie Parrott, MS RDN CPT
4:40pm How to Engage Patients to Maintain Long Term Optimal Outcomes with Sleeve Gastrectomy
Cassie Story, RDN
5:15pm Panel A & A
TBA Adjourn