1:30pm Initial Assessment and Clinical Pathyway for Weight Regain
Alan Wittgrove, MD FASMBS
1:45pm Predictors and Behavior Strategies to treat Weight Regain
David Sarwer, PhD
2:00pm Physical Activity
Dale Bond, PhD
2:15pm Dietary
Julie Parrott, MS RDN CPT
2:30pm Medical Management
Lee M Kaplan, MD PhD
2:45pm Q & A
3:15pm Break
3:45pm Assessment for Anatomic Causes of Regain
Marina Kurian, MD FASMBS
4:00pm Band Revisions
Terrence Fullum, MD
4:15pm Sleeve Revisions
Michel Gagner, MD
4:30pm Bypass and Malabsorbtion Revisions
Stephen Scott, MD
4:45pm Putting it all Together
Phillip R Schauer, MD FACS
5:00pm Q & A
5:30pm Adjourn