Energy expenditure has been a topic of investigation and discovery since the end of the 18th century. In the last decades, this research has been revitalized by the study of brown adipose tissue metabolism which has revealed large variations in thermogenesis that have a significant relevance for individuals with obesity subjected to weight loss. In this regard, the experts contributing to this symposium will describe recent research pertaining to tissue specific thermogenesis. The emphasis will be mechanisms involved in energy production and the potential interactions between tissues such as muscle, brown fat and liver.

3:30pm Environmental Temperature, Energy Homeostasis and the Relevance of Brown Adipose Tissue
Marc Reitman, MD PhD
4:00pm Pivotal Role of the Liver in Energy Balance
Shawn Burgess, PhD
4:30pm Multiple Mechanisms of Muscle-based Thermogenesis
Muthu Periasamy, PhD