TOS’s poster sessions run all the hours that the exhibit hall is open, but the only time you can meet and talk to the presenters about their research is during the lunchtime poster sessions. Please note that each poster is displayed for one day only, so check back daily for more cutting-edge research! Full abstracts will be available on the website, in printed abstract book and in the app once the embargo lifts on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017 at 12:00 a.m. ET (midnight).

12:00pm T-P-LB-3474 Plasma Phospholipid Fatty Acids in Association With Premenstrual Syndrome
Authors: Christina M Nichols, BS; Keewan Kim, PhD; Matthew T Connell, DO; Enrique F Schisterman, PhD; Neil Perkins; Lindsey A Sjaarda, PhD; Robert M Silver, MD; Daniel L Kuhr, BS; Sunni L Mumford, PhD
Presenter: Keewan Kim, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3475 The Body Composition Index: A Novel Parameter to Diagnose Obesity and Body Fatness in General
Authors: Doina Kulick, MD; Justin Sampson, Research Assistant; Jundong Li, PhD student; Huan Liu, Professor
Presenter: Doina Kulick, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3476 Obesity and Morbid Obesity as Independent Predictors of Hypoalbuminemia
Authors: Hala Mosli, MBBS; Rana Mosli, PhD
Presenter: Hala Mosli, MBBS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3477 Gender Differences in the Gut Microbiota Composition and Formation of Fecal Short-Chain Fatty Acids
Authors: Jacobo de la Cuesta-Zuluaga, MSc; Noel T Mueller, PhD; Vanessa Corrales-Agudelo, MS; Jose M Abad, MS; Rafael Alvarez, MD; Katalina M Durango, PhD; Juan S Escobar, PhD
Presenter: Noel T Mueller, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3478 Relative Contribution of Obesity and Adiponectin to the Development of Hypertension
Authors: Sang Joon An, MD; Dong-Hyuk Jung; Mi-Hyang Jung; Min-Jeong Kim; Kyu Hwa Joo
Presenter: Sang Joon An, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3479 Total Serum Bilirubin and 8-year Incident Diabetes: The Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study
Authors: Sang Joon An, MD; Dong Hyuk Jung, MD PhD; Chul Jin Lee; Min Jeong Kim
Presenter: Sang Joon An, MD
Discussants: David Saslowsky, PhD; Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, PhD; Elizabeth Dovec, MD FACS; Christopher You, MD FACS FASMBS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3480 How Strong Is the Evidence on Obesity and Breast and Colorectal Cancer?
Authors: Nigel T Brockton, PhD; Kate Allen; Rachel L Thompson; Martin J Wiseman; Giota Mitrou
Presenter: Nigel T Brockton, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3481 Variation in Risk: BMI, Waist Circumference, Diabetes, and Hypertension Phenotypes in Chinese Adults
Authors: Yiqing Wang, BS; Linda Adair; Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD FTOS
Presenter: Yiqing Wang, BS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3482 Prevalence of Obesity and Risk Factors for MetS Among Uninsured College Hispanic Students
Authors: Karen A Del Rio Guzman, AS; Juan Aguilera, MD MPH; Leah D Whigham, PhD FTOS
Presenter: Leah D Whigham, PhD FTOS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3483 Central Obesity and All-cause and Cause Specific Mortality: A Meta-analysis of Prospective Studies
Authors: Tao Huang; Tingting Geng; Marianne Ravn Knop
12:00pm T-P-LB-3484 Appetitive Traits and Relationships to Weight in a Mexican Population: Validation of the AEBQ-Esp
Authors: Claudia Hunot Alexander; Laura P Arellano Gómez, Dr; Martha Kaufer-Horwitz, DSc NC FTOS; Enrique Romero Velarde, Dr; Edgar M Vásquez Garibay, MD PhD; Alison Fildes, PhD; Helen Croker, PhD BSc RD; Clare H Llewellyn, PhD; Rebecca J Beeken, PhD
Presenter: Claudia Hunot Alexander
12:00pm T-P-LB-3485 Associations Among Body Mass Index, HbA1c, Insulin Use, and Diabetes-related Healthcare Expenditures
Authors: Robin F Scamuffa, MS; Carine Hsiao; Stephen Johnston, MA
Presenter: Stephen Johnston, MA
12:00pm T-P-LB-3486 Examining Elevated Liver Enzymes by Body Mass Index in a Real World Observational Study
Authors: Xuan Li, MS; Russell L Knoth, PhD; Jiyoon Choi; Ken Fujioka, MD
Presenter: Xuan Li, MS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3487 The Association Between Obesity and Triglycerides Levels in US Adults Has Weakened Over Time
Authors: Shengxu Li, PhD; Jingqiao Xu; Wei Chen, MD PhD
Presenter: Shengxu Li, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3488 Associations of Abdominal Obesity With Prediabetes in Adults: Kuwait Wellbeing Cross-Sectional Study
Authors: Anwar Mohammad, PhD; Ali H Ziyab, PhD; Emanuella De Lucia Rolfe, PhD; Toomas Kivisild, PhD; Nicholas J Wareham, MB PhD; Soren Brage, PhD; Talal Mohammad, PhD
Presenter: Anwar Mohammad, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3489 Lifestyle, Weight Change and BMI Status and Its Effect on the Incidence of Metabolic Syndrome
Authors: Marcela Perez-Rodriguez, PhD(c); Juan O Talavera, MD; Jorge Salmeron, MD DrSc
Presenter: Marcela Perez-Rodriguez, PhD(c)
12:00pm T-P-LB-3490 A Requiem for Body-Mass Index in Obese Middle-Aged and Older Japanese Men and Women
Authors: Kiyoji Tanaka, PhD; Ryoko Mizushima; Xinyu Zuo; Zhennan Wang, MD; Koki Okumatsu; Takashi Umemura, BA; Kenta Hoshina, BA; Kyohsuke Wakaba, MS
Presenter: Kiyoji Tanaka, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3491 Gender Differences in Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among African American Adolescents
Authors: Tiwaloluwa Ajibewa, MS; Kamala Kanneganti, BS; Erika Shaver, BS; Kellye McGlumphy; Rebecca E Hasson, PhD
Presenter: Tiwaloluwa Ajibewa, MS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3492 Effect of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors on Relationship Between Adiposity and Bone Measures in Girls
Authors: Megan C Hetherington-Rauth, BS RD; Jennifer W Bea, PhD; Robert Blew, MS; Janet L Funk, MD; Vinson Lee, MS; Tiffany C Varadi, BS in Physiology; Denise J Roe, DrPH; Scott B Going, PhD
Presenter: Megan C Hetherington-Rauth, BS RD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3493 Reducing the Pediatric Obesity Burden: Impact of an Evidence-based Obesity Program on Comorbidities
Authors: Jessica Wallace, MPH MSHS PA-C; Jennifer Rosen, CPNP MPH
Presenter: Jessica Wallace, MPH MSHS PA-C
12:00pm T-P-LB-3494 Relations of Carbohydrate Intake in Pregnancy With Child Adiposity and Metabolic Risk in Peripuberty
Authors: Molly Carter, BS; Wei Perng, MPH PhD; Dave Bridges, PhD; Adrienne Ettinger, ScD MPH MS; Martha Mara Tellez-Rojo, PhD; Karen E Peterson, DSc; Alejandra Cantoral, ScD
Presenter: Molly Carter, BS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3495 Chocolate Milk Intake and Change in Body Mass Index Among US Children and Adolescents
Authors: Manar AlJazzaf, MS RD; Eric B Rimm, ScD; Lindsay Rosenfeld, ScD ScM; Rulla Tamimi, ScD; Nicole VanKim, PhD MPH; Nerea N Martin Calvo, MD PhD; Juliana F Cohen, ScD; Teresa T Fung, ScD RD; Jorge E Chavarro, MD ScD
Presenter: Manar AlJazzaf, MS RD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3496 Childcare Workers’ Eating Habits and Spatial Access to Food Outlets Around Home, Work, and Commutes
Authors: Gabriela Arandia, MSPH; Dianne S Ward, EdD; Leslie A Lytle, PhD; Michael Emch, PhD; Laura A Linnan, ScD
Presenter: Gabriela Arandia, MSPH
12:00pm T-P-LB-3497 The Impact of Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis on Sodium and Saturated Fat Intakes in Men
Authors: Julie M Bates, BSc(c); Alexandra M Bodnaruc, RD; Denis Prud'homme, MD; Isabelle Giroux, RD PhD
Presenter: Alexandra M Bodnaruc, RD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3499 Modelling the Potential Long-term Effects of a SSB Tax on Obesity Prevalence in Chile
Authors: Jocelyn Dunstan, PhD; Cristobal Cuadrado Nahum, MD MPH; Nicolas Silva
Presenter: Jocelyn Dunstan, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3500 Eating Competence Is Negatively Associated With BMI...Unless You Have Higher Food Reward Sensitivity
Authors: Miriam H Eisenberg, PhD; Leah M Lipsky, PhD MHS; Katherine W Dempster, BS; Ana Maria Seiga-Riz Seiga-Riz, PhD; Myles S Faith, PhD; Kyles S Burger, PhD; Aiyi Liu, PhD; Tonja R Nansel, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3501 Baseline Sugary Beverage Intake by Chilean Youth in Context of Marketing Controls and Warning Labels
Authors: Michael A Essman, MSc MSc; Barry M Popkin, PhD; Camila Corvalán, MD MPH PhD; Marcela Reyes, MD MSc PhD; Lindsey Smith Taillie, PhD
Presenter: Michael A Essman, MSc MSc
12:00pm T-P-LB-3502 Acculturation, Parental Feeding Behaviors, and Parenting Style, in a Chinese-American Sample
Authors: Cihang (CeCe) Gu, BA; Afroditi Papantoni, BS; Susan Carnell, PhD
Presenter: Cihang (CeCe) Gu, BA
12:00pm T-P-LB-3503 Targeted Retail Coupons and Dietary Quality of Grocery Purchases Over 2-years
Authors: Xintong Guan, MS; Stephen Atlas, PhD; Maya Vadiveloo, PhD RD
Presenter: Xintong Guan, MS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3504 Examining the Relationship of Weight and Health With Learning in Underserved Children During Summer
Authors: Carolyn Gunther, PhD; Laura C Hopkins, MSPH RD; Allison Labyk, BS; Kelly M Purtell, PhD; Jessica Logan, PhD
Presenter: Carolyn Gunther, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3505 Feeding Teens: Relationships Between Parental Feeding Practices, Child Weight and Maternal Weight
Authors: CeCelia Hanline, MHS; Afroditi Papantoni, BS; Kimberly R Smith, PhD; Leora Benson, MS; Susan Carnell, PhD
Presenter: CeCelia Hanline, MHS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3506 Do People Attending the Slimming World Weight Management Program Keep Weight Off in The Longer Term?
Authors: Laura Holloway, MSc; Sarah E Bennett, PhD; Jacquie H Lavin, Phd
Presenter: Laura Holloway, MSc
12:00pm T-P-LB-3507 Exploring Gender Differences in Food Perceptions and Choices in an Overweight Population
Authors: Laura Holloway, MSc; Jacquie H Lavin, Phd; Sarah E Bennett, PhD
Presenter: Laura Holloway, MSc
12:00pm T-P-LB-3508 Relationships Between Weight Status, Self-rated Diet Healthfulness, and Diet Intake, NHANES 2013-14
Authors: Katherine Hoy, EdD RDN; John C Clemens, MS
Presenter: Katherine Hoy, EdD RDN
12:00pm T-P-LB-3509 Associations of Parent Presence and Income With Fruit and Vegetable Intake of Minority Children
Authors: La Keisha Jeanmarie; Selena Nguyen-Rodriguez, PhD
Presenter: La Keisha Jeanmarie
12:00pm T-P-LB-3510 The Environmental Influence on Diet and Diet Quality of Overweight and Obese Urban Youth
Authors: Sarah D Jones, MS RDN LD; Alicia J Thomas, MS RDN LD GXMO; Erika S Trapl, PhD; Elaine Borawski, PhD
Presenter: Sarah D Jones, MS RDN LD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3511 Education Level on the Association between Diet Quality and Adiposity in Mexican Adults
Authors: Nancy Lopez Olmedo, MSc; Lindsey Smith Taillie, PhD; Barry M Popkin, PhD
Presenter: Nancy Lopez Olmedo, MSc
12:00pm T-P-LB-3512 Psychiatric Hospitalizations After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: Anorexia Nervosa Vs. Other Conditions
Authors: Wynne Lundblad, MD; Rachel P Kolko, PhD; Michele D Levine, PhD FTOS; Alexis M Fertig, MD MPH; Marcus Marsha
Presenter: Wynne Lundblad, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3513 Development of Weight Management Specific Nutrition Knowledge Questionnaire
Authors: Dalia S Mikhail, BA; Kristen R Blixt, RDN LD; Margaret M Gall, RDN LD; Kathleen J Yost, PhD; Joyce E Balls-Berry, PhD; Paul J Novotny, MS; Michael D Jensen, MD
Presenter: Dalia S Mikhail, BA
12:00pm T-P-LB-3514 Observations of Toddlers’ Sensory Exploratory Food Behaviors When Presented With a Novel Food
Authors: Shabnam R Momin, PhD; Sheryl O Hughes, PhD; Maria A Papaioannou, BS; David B Vides, BS (c); Cindy V Elias, BS; Mimi Phan, BS; Alexis C Frazier-Wood, PhD
Presenter: Shabnam R Momin, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3515 Association of Living Proximity to Urban Farms on Fruit and Vegetable Intake by Low-income Children
Authors: Lisa K Poirier, MHS; James Harding, MS; Angela Trude, MS; Caitlin A Fisher, MPH; Christina Petsoulis, MSPH; Joel Gittelsohn, PhD
Presenter: Lisa K Poirier, MHS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3516 Influence of Mealtime Environment Characteristics on Children's Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables
Authors: Susan Quelly, PhD RN
Presenter: Susan Quelly, PhD RN
12:00pm T-P-LB-3517 Rising Admission Weight in a Feeding Disorder Population
Authors: Vicky Rogers, CRNP; Elizabeth Molzon, PhD; Stacey Le Fevre, PsyD; Ellen Wingert, OTR/L; Richard Katz, MD MBA
Presenter: Vicky Rogers, CRNP
12:00pm T-P-LB-3518 Flavonoid Associations With Anthropometric Measures Predictive of CVD Risk Differ by Race/Ethnicity
Authors: Rhonda Sebastian, MA; Cecilia Wilkinson Enns, MS RD LN; Joseph D Goldman, MA; Alanna Moshfegh, MS RD
Presenter: Rhonda Sebastian, MA
12:00pm T-P-LB-3519 Associations Between ADHD, Social Behavioral Problems, and Eating Behavior in Early Childhood
Authors: Yaou Sheng, MPH; Elizabeth K Do, PhD MPH; Caroline Barry; Victoria Saba; Sierra Tolbert, BA; Nancy Zucker, PhD; Julia Schechter; Scott Kollins; Bernard F Fuemmeler, PhD MPH
Presenter: Yaou Sheng, MPH
12:00pm T-P-LB-3520 Folate and Vitamin B12 Levels in Early Pregnancy and Maternal Obesity
Authors: Michael J Turner, FRCOG FRCPI; Shona Cawley; Daniel McCartney; Jayne Woodside; Mary Rose Sweeney, PhD BSc RGN; Robert McDonnell; Anne Molloy
Presenter: Michael J Turner, FRCOG FRCPI
12:00pm T-P-LB-3521 Fast Food Consumption and Obesity and Hypertension: The Childhood Obesity Study in China Mega-cities
Authors: Liang Wang, MD DrPH MPH; Yaling Zhao
Presenter: Liang Wang, MD DrPH MPH
12:00pm T-P-LB-3522 Taq1a Genetic Variation Is Associated With Obesity Outcomes in a Multi-Racial Cohort of Children
Authors: Alexandra M Lee, BS; Dominick J Lemas, PhD; Olivia Carney, MS; Tianyao Huo, MS; Yann C Klimentidis, PhD; Jose R Fernandez, PhD; Michelle Cardel, PhD RD
Presenter: Alexandra M Lee, BS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3523 Overweight Status and DRD2 Genotype Predict Episodic Memory Performance
Authors: Susan M Murray, MA; Eunice Y Chen, PhD
Presenter: Susan M Murray, MA
12:00pm T-P-LB-3524 Association of HSD11B1 and HSD11B2 SNPs with Obesity or Metabolic Traits in Mexican-Americans
Authors: Saraswathy Nair, PhD; Farook Thameem; Paola Vidal; Adrian A Maldonado; Karla Boeta-Lopez, Bachelors of Science
Presenter: Saraswathy Nair, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3525 Excess Gestational Weight Gain: Does Food Reward Sensitivity Play a Role?
Authors: Tonja R Nansel, PhD; Leah M Lipsky, PhD MHS; Aiyi Liu, PhD; Kyles S Burger, PhD; Myles S Faith, PhD; Alison M Stuebe, MD MS©; Wanda K Nicholson, MD MPH MBA; Miriam H Eisenberg, PhD; Anna Maria Siega-Riz, PhD
Presenter: Tonja R Nansel, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3526 Behavioral Weight Loss Preferences of Overweight/Obese College Students From Different Environments
Authors: Jessica D Bihuniak, PhD RD; Tiffany Bryant, N/A; Jennifer N Kleiman, NA; Megan S Rotondo, BS; Jessica Z Decoteau, BS Exercise Science (in progress); Allison M MacKenzie, MS; Steve Dauz, MS; Rosann T Ippolito, MS RDN CDN; Nicolle Fernandes; Tricia M Leahey, PhD
Presenter: Jessica D Bihuniak, PhD RD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3527 The Additional Costs and Health Effects of a Patient Being Obese or Overweight: A Computational Model
Authors: Saeideh Fallah-Fini, PhD; Atif Adam; Larry Cheskin, MD FTOS; Sarah M Bartsch; Bruce Y Lee, MD MBA
Presenter: Saeideh Fallah-Fini, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3528 Modeling New Zealand Adults Obesity Trends: An Estimation of Energy Imbalance Gap
Authors: Saeideh Fallah-Fini, PhD; Stefanie Vandevijvere; Tannaz Rezaei Damavandi, MSc; Boyd Swinburn, MD
Presenter: Saeideh Fallah-Fini, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3530 Advances in Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose in Type-2 Diabetes: A Study on Patient Experiences
Authors: Christiana M Field, BA; Emily Wyckoff, BA; Tito A Wiltsie, BS; Amy Gorin, PhD
Presenter: Christiana M Field, BA
12:00pm T-P-LB-3531 Obesity and Weight Misperception Among Adults in the Eastern Caribbean
Authors: Saria Hassan, MD; Temitope T Ojo, MPH; Deron Galusha; Josefa Martinez-Brockman, PhD MHS; Peter Adams, MD; Rohan G Maharaj, MBBS MHSc DM; Cruz M Nazario, PhD; Maxine Nunez, DPH MSN; Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD MS
Presenter: Saria Hassan, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3532 Association of Body Mass Index and Waist-to-Hip Ratio With Diabetes in Eastern Caribbean Adults
Authors: Saria Hassan, MD; Deron Galusha; Temitope T Ojo, MPH; Josefa Martinez-Brockman, PhD MHS; Peter Adams, MD; Rohan G Maharaj, MBBS MHSc DM; Cruz M Nazario, PhD; Maxine Nunez, DPH MSN; Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD MS
Presenter: Saria Hassan, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3533 Lifestyle Modifications and Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Alicia Jacob, FNP
Presenter: Alicia Jacob, FNP
12:00pm T-P-LB-3534 Retrospective Case Series on Foreign Body Retention After Gastric Band Removal
Authors: Subir Sutradhar, MD FRCSC; Simon Laplante, MD; Allan Okrainec, MD FRCSC MHPE; Azusa Maeda, PhD; David Urbach, MD FRCSC MSc; Timothy D Jackson, MD MPH
Presenter: Subir Sutradhar, MD FRCSC
12:00pm T-P-LB-3536 Preschool Children as Informants: Gathering Eating and Activity Data Using Event History Calendars
Authors: Cynthia Danford, PhD CRNP
Presenter: Cynthia Danford, PhD CRNP
12:00pm T-P-LB-3537 Sexual Difference in Association of Negative Self-perception With Obesity Among High School Students
Authors: Moonseogn Heo, PhD; Sarah N Martin; Camille Jimenez, MPH; Jean Lim, BA; Michelle Bouchard; Judith Wylie-Rosett, EdD
Presenter: Moonseogn Heo, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3538 Objectively Measured Sleep Behavior in People With Bardet-Biedl Syndrome
Authors: Jeremy Pomeroy, PhD; Robert M Haws, MD; Cassidy M Salsbery, BS; Deborah L Johnson, ASB
Presenter: Jeremy Pomeroy, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3539 Health Service Utilization and Body Mass Index Changes in Children Attending Subspecialty Clinics
Authors: Kavitha Selvaraj, MD MPH MAEd; Alexis Antonopoulos, BS; Soyang Kwon, PhD; Adolfo J Ariza, MD; Helen Binns, MD MPH
Presenter: Kavitha Selvaraj, MD MPH MAEd
12:00pm T-P-LB-3540 Ambient Ozone Exposure Is Associated With Serum Cortisol Levels in Pre-pubertal Latino Children
Authors: Claudia Toledo-Corral, PhD MPH; Tanya L Alderete, PhD; Alicia Peterson, BS; Rima Habre, ScD; Fred Lurmann, MS; Marc Weigensberg, MD; Michael I Goran, PhD; Frank D Gilliland, MD PhD
Presenter: Claudia Toledo-Corral, PhD MPH
12:00pm T-P-LB-3541 The Influence of Urbanization on Overweight and Obesity of Children and Adolescents in China
Authors: Huijun Wang
Presenter: Huijun Wang, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3542 A Review of Clinical Outcome Measures for Monitoring Physical Function in Paediatric Obesity
Authors: Ryan Mahaffey, PhD
Presenter: Ryan Mahaffey, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3543 Intervention in Maternal Perception of Their Child Weight in Mexican Mothers: Pilot Study
Authors: Yolanda Flores-Peña, PhD; Meizi He, PhD; Erica Sosa, PhD; Hermelinda Ávila-Alpirez, PhD; Perla María Trejo-Ortiz
Presenter: Yolanda Flores-Peña, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3544 A Childhood Obesity Prevention Trial Reduces Sweets Intake Among African American Adolescents
Authors: Angela Trude, MS; Pamela J Surkan, PhDScD; Cara F Ruggiero, RD LDN; Ivory H Loh, Expected BA/MHS; Bengucan Gunen; Lisa K Poirier, MHS; Caroline R Wensel, BA; Joel Gittelsohn, PhD
Presenter: Angela Trude, MS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3545 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Custom Workflow: Meaningful Use for Quality in Bariatric Candidates
Authors: Tatyan M Clarke, MD; Eric Velazquez, MD FACS; Michael A Edwards, MD; David Fleece, MD; Mark Weiner, MD
Presenter: Tatyan M Clarke, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3546 In Old Order Amish Women, BMI and Obesity Are Associated With Tooth Loss
Authors: Aline Dagdag, RN; Mark A Reynolds, DDS PhD; Abhishek Wadhawan, MD; Melanie L Daue, BS; Gloria M Reeves, MD; Kathleen A Ryan, MS; Polymnia Georgiou, PhD; Toni I Pollin, PhD; Braxton D Mitchell, PhD; Teodor T Postolache, MD
Presenter: Aline Dagdag, RN
12:00pm T-P-LB-3547 In Amish Women, BMI, Overweight Status and Obesity Are Associated With Symptoms of Depression
Authors: Abhishek Wadhawan, MD; Aline Dagdag, RN; Kathleen A Ryan, MS; Melanie L Daue, BS; Soren Snitker, MD; Anca E Toma, MD; Claudia Gragnoli, MD PhD; Polymnia Georgiou, PhD; Gloria M Reeves, MD; Toni I Pollin, PhD; Braxton D Mitchell, PhD; Teodor T Postolache, MD
Presenter: Abhishek Wadhawan, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3548 Associations Between Trait-aggression and Obesity Reveal Significant Gender Differences
Authors: Muhammad A Zaidi, MD; Aline Dagdag, RN; Gloria M Reeves, MD; Pranayjit Adsule, MD; Ina Giegling, PhD; Anca E Toma, MD; Soren Snitker, MD; Claudia Gragnoli, MD PhD; Iqra Mohyuddin; Polymnia Georgiou, PhD; Christopher Lowry; Lisa A Brenner, PhD; Dan Rujescu, MD; Teodor T Postolache, MD
Presenter: Muhammad A Zaidi, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3549 Interaction of Dietary Fat and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Its Influence on Adiposity
Authors: Andrea L Deierlein, PhD; Mary Wolff; Ashley Pajak; Susan M Pinney, PhD; Gayle C Windham, PhD; Maida P Galvez; Lawrence H Kushi; Fank M Biro; Susan L Teitelbaum, PhD
Presenter: Andrea L Deierlein, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3550 Childhood Obesity Risk Factors During the First 1,000 Days in a Women, Infants, and Children Program
Authors: Erin Elbel, MD; Kayla AR Milne, BA MS; Nina Quirk, MS; Kelsey Nichols, BA; Jennifer A Woo Baidal, MD MPH
Presenter: Erin Elbel, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3551 Maternal Gestational Diabetes Associated With Higher BMI Z-Score at Preschool
Authors: Rana Mosli, PhD; Manal N Allahyani, BSc candidate; Amani Najjar, BS(c) candidate; Doaa A Zoghbi; Rawan A Al-Haddad, BSc candidate; Hala Mosli, MBBS
Presenter: Cuiying Xiao, MD PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3552 Tracking of Overweight and Obesity From Childhood to Young Adulthood
Authors: Sang Ick Park, PhD; Hyo-Jin Kim; Han Byul Jang; Min-Gyu Yoo, MS; Hye-Ja Lee, PhD
Presenter: Sang Ick Park, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3553 Triponderal Mass Index Diagnoses Overweight Status More Accurately Than BMI in Adolescents Aged 8-17
Authors: Joshua D Goldman, PhD MSc MASt; Krista Watts, PhD; Diana M Thomas, PhD; Steven B Heymsfield, MD FTOS; Courtney M Peterson, PhD MSc MS MASt
Presenter: Courtney M Peterson, PhD MSc MS MASt
12:00pm T-P-LB-3554 The Influence of Child and Maternal Factors on Adiposity in Only Children and Children With Siblings
Authors: Chelsea L Smith, MS; Emily H Guseman, PhD; Laura Hubbs-Tait, PhD; Jennifer Graef, PhD; Sandra Arnold, PhD; Allen Knehans, PhD; Susan B Sisson, PhD RDN CHES FASCM
Presenter: Chelsea L Smith, MS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3555 Genetic Variants in Metabolic Signaling Pathways and Breast Cancer Risk: A Random Survival Forest
Authors: Su Yon Jung, PhD; Jeanette C Papp, PhD; Eric M Sobel, PhD; Zuo-Feng Zhang, MD PhD
Presenter: Su Yon Jung, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3556 Prevalence and Determinants of Disengagement Across the Obesity Care Continuum in the US
Authors: Andrew Stokes, PhD; Jason Collins, MPH; Robin F Scamuffa, MS; Bethany Grant; Carine Hsiao; Eric M Ammann, PhD; Stephen Johnston, MA
Presenter: Andrew Stokes, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3557 Overlooked and Understudied: Weight Stigma Predicts Poor Health in Men
Authors: Mary S Himmelstein, PhD; Rebecca M Puhl, PhD; Diane M Quinn, PhD
Presenter: Mary S Himmelstein, PhD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3558 Medical Students’ Weight Bias and Patient-centered Care for Higher-weight Patients
Authors: Sean M Phelan, PhD MPH; Diana J Burgess, PhD; Rebecca M Puhl, PhD; Somnath Saha, MD; Michelle Van Ryn, PhD MPH
Presenter: Sean M Phelan, PhD MPH
12:00pm T-P-LB-3559 The Pursuit of Pleasure Through Food Gives a Bellyache of Stigma Instead
Authors: Mora A Reinka, MS; Diane M Quinn, PhD
Presenter: Mora A Reinka, MS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3560 Identifying Strategies to Address Chronic Disease Prevention in Hispanic Obese Young Adult Males
Authors: Christian A Aquino, BS; Melissa Valerio, PhD MPH; Carisse Orsi, MD
Presenter: Christian A Aquino, BS
12:00pm T-P-LB-3561 Socioeconomic Disparities Among Bariatric Surgery Patients in the National Inpatient Sample
Authors: Maria F Nunez, MD; Gezzer Ortega, MD MPH; Margaret S Pichardo, MPH; Usha Deonarine, MD; Derek W Altema, BS; Stephanie M Zamora, FNP C RN; Daniel D Tran, MD; Terrence Fullum, MD
Presenter: Maria F Nunez, MD
12:00pm T-P-LB-3562 Regional Disparities in Obesity Prevalence in Korea, 2005-2015
Authors: Sang Woo Oh, MD; A Rom Kwon; Yeong Sook Yoon
Presenter: Sang Woo Oh, MD