This ASMBS lab is designed for practicing bariatric surgeons and surgeons new to the field who are involved in the treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders. This lab will cover basic and advance flexible endoscopy as it plays an integral role in the management of the bariatric complications and includes the following procedures: (1) basic balloon dilatation for strictures after gastric bypass, (2) multiple modalities of hemostasis including thermal ablation, endoscopic clipping and injection therapy, (3) endoscopic stenting, (4) endoscopic septotomy, (5) endoscopic suturing, (6) balloon troubleshooting & removal

Station 1: Hemostasis: Injection, coagulation, through scope and over the scope clips
Station 2: Stricture: Balloon dilation and needle knife stricturoplasty
Station 3: Endosleeve gastroplasty/Ulcer/Perforation: Suturing (index & revisional/rescue)
Station 4: Leak management: Tubular stents and Pigtail drains
Station 5: Leak management: Endovacuum treatment
Station 6: Post bariatric procedure GERD: RFA
Station 7: Intragastric Balloon Removal & Troubleshooting
Station 8: Eroded Band Removal