Update: Session was previously listed with Karen DeSalvo as speaker.

In the Trump-Era, there is uncertainty about the implementation of new federal policies and about roll-backs in policies that impact health. Although federal policies can often create a foundation for healthy offerings for many citizens, state and local policies hold much promise in being informed by local context and community members. State and local policies can build on national policies, push the envelope with new policy levers and approaches, and/or augment a population-based policy using tailored approaches to help underserved groups. State and local policy adoption and implementation foster a learning lab for other peers and, in some cases, for federal policy. At this lecture, distinguished speakers will discuss the use of state and local policy levers to address underlying risk factors for obesity. Speakers will highlight local data used to facilitate awareness and to inform opinions, buy-in and the policy process. Speakers will also discuss policies that improve obesity prevention and control.

5:15pm State and Local Policy Options
John Auerbach, MBA