In this symposium we will hear from three distinguished speakers regarding the potential positive effects of policies that have non-public health primary aims. For instance, a fit and healthy fighting force is the foundation of a strong national defense. In the United States poor nutrition, a lack of physical fitness and obesity pose a growing threat to the military’s recruitment, retention, readiness and resilience. In addition, long commutes impact employee productivity and health leading many millennials to seek more walkable cities and active transportation options. Harnessing industry-academic research partnerships allows academics to be a part of the business mantra of ‘Fail often and fast’ leading to more timely knowledge gains and transfers. In the symposium, speakers will address initiatives on creating healthy voluntary service force, creating a better walking, rolling and biking infrastructure through transportation policy, and novel industry-led research and program initiatives that push boundaries in changing the food environment.

8:00am A Fit and Healthy Fighting Force: An Update on the Department of Defense's Operation Live Well Initiative
Kimberly Elenberg, DNP
8:30am Department of Transportation (DOT)—Opportunities Within Federal Transportation Policies to Support Community Health Through More Walking and Biking
Gary Jensen, BS Civil Engineering
9:00am Food Systems and Policy: Lessons for Obesity from the Environmental Health Sector
Sarah Reinhardt, MPH RD