Presented by the World Obesity Federation

Evidence is emerging that body fat similar to all other biological parameters is regulated and that there is a set point that controls and resists weight loss or weight gain. Such an approach may change the perception by many to convince them that obesity is a disease and not a lifestyle condition. Interventions such as pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery may shift the set point to allow the subject to maintain the weight loss in the long term.

Target Audience: Clinicians and scientists interested in weight regulation and understand how interventions work.

Educational Objectives: Explore the concept of set point for body fat and the evidence that supports such an idea.

1:30pm How does a set point for body fat work?
Lee M Kaplan, MD PhD
1:50pm Can diet and exercise alter the body fat set point?
Dr. Nadia Ahmad
2:10pm Can pharmacotherapy alter the body fat set point?
Prof. Carel le Roux
2:30pm Can bariatric surgery alter the body fat set point?
Francesco Rubino
2:50pm 10 min discussion