Research findings are often sensationalized in the news. Minimal to moderate effects become “miracle cures” in the headlines. Anecdotal “success” stories promote the stigmatizing myths that weight is determined by personal responsibility. Often news stories contradict each other. TV personalities and characters from popular shows can impact patients’ attitudes toward their struggles with weight.

Patients feel frustrated and confused about what guidance to follow. This symposium is about the psychological impact of weight and obesity health-related news and how to use research, current events, and media in practical helpful ways to intervene with patients.

1:30pm Current events, health-focused television, and the blogosphere
Allison Grupski, PhD
1:50pm Practicing nutrition in the era of food sensationalism
Kimberly Sasso
2:10pm How to intervene with patients using research studies, news headlines, and popular media
Yoni Freedhoff, MD Dip ABOM
2:30pm Using social media and blogging to communicate research to patients/the public
Alexis Conason, PsyD
2:50pm Question and Answer
3:00pm Adjourn