Course Overview and Target Audience

The Behavioral Health Course provides an overview of the psychological and behavioral issues of bariatric surgery patients both before and after surgery. The course is designed for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, licensed counselors and other mental and medical health professionals who work with bariatric surgery patients. This educational content is determined for an intermediate/advanced level.

1:30pm A308 Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (lgbt) bariatric patients: An unseen population
Authors: Nova Szoka, MD; Spring Lepak, MA; Kelli Friedman, PhD; Dana D Portenier, MD
Presenter: Spring Lepak, MA
1:50pm A309 Brief group treatment of binge eating behaviors in a pre-surgical bariatric population in a rural setting
Authors: Sara Assar, PsyD MMFT; Stephanie Cox, PhD; Cassie S Brode, PhD; Nova Szoka, MD
Presenter: Sara Assar, PsyD MMFT
2:10pm A310 Cognition and adherence in patients over 65: The montreal cognitive screener and bariatric outcomes
Authors: Samantha H Mohun, BA; Mary Beth Spitznagel, PhD; John Gunstad, PhD; Leslie Heinberg, PhD
Presenter: Leslie Heinberg, PhD
2:30pm A311 Surgery type and psychosocial factors contribute to poorer weight loss outcomes in persons with super-super obesity (bmis over 60 kg/m^2)
Authors: Ryan J. Marek, PhD; Gail Williams, MS; Samantha H Mohun, BA; Leslie Heinberg, PhD
Presenter: Ryan J. Marek, PhD
2:50pm Break
3:20 - 3:30 Panel: What’s happening with adolescents? An Update from Teen-LABS and its Behavioral Ancillary Studies
Panelists: Sanita Hunsaker; David Sarwer, PhD; Meg H Zeller, PhD
4:30pm A312 Early psychological complications: Pre-operative psychological factors predict post-operative regret, fear of failure and grieving the loss of food
Authors: Leslie Heinberg, PhD; Samantha H Mohun, BA; Kasey Goodpaster, PhD; Ninoska Peterson, PhD; Megan Lavery, PsyD ; Ryan J. Marek, PhD
Presenter: Leslie Heinberg, PhD
4:50pm A313 Bariatric surgery patients with fibromyalgia: Psychological factors and post-surgical outcomes
Authors: Ninoska Peterson, PhD; Kasey Goodpaster, PhD; Carolyn Fisher, PhD; Megan Lavery, PsyD ; Leslie Heinberg, PhD
Presenter: Ninoska Peterson, PhD
5:10pm A314 History of trauma and relationship with the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory-2 restructured form (mmpi-2-rf) in individuals seeking bariatric surgery
Authors: Carolyn Fisher, PhD; Ninoska Peterson, PhD; Kasey Goodpaster, PhD; Megan Lavery, PsyD ; Leslie Heinberg, PhD
Presenter: Carolyn Fisher, PhD
5:30pm Adjourn