Featured Integrated Health Abstract presentations

10:15am A201 Primary care provider (PCP) management of patients with obesity at an integrated health network (IHN): A survey of practices, views and knowledge
Authors: Alexandra M Falvo, MD; George Eid, MD; Frances Hite Philp, MS
Presenter: Alexandra M Falvo, MD
10:30am A202 Online seminar vs. live seminar: Which one should we offer?
Authors: Maureen E Miletics, RN BSN MS CBN; Maher El Chaar, MD FACS FASMBS; Leonardo Claros, MD FACS FASMBS; Jill Stoltzfus, PhD; Terri Davis, RN CBN
Presenter: Maureen E Miletics, RN BSN MS CBN
Discussant: Laura Frank, PhD MPH RD CD
10:45am A203 Associations between childhood trauma and psychopathology in female bariatric surgery candidates
Authors: Molly Orcutt; Wendy King, PhD; James E Mitchell, MD; Melissa Kalarchian, MS PhD; Michael Devlin, MD
Presenter: Molly Orcutt
11:00am A204 Safe and feasibility of ultra fast-track in laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery
Authors: Almino Ramos, MD IFASMBS; Manoela Ramos, MD; Thales D Galvão, MD; Nestor Bertin; Raphael TF Lucena, MD; Eduardo LS Bastos, MD PhD
Presenter: Almino Ramos, MD IFASMBS
Discussant: Karen Flanders, MSN ARNP CBN
11:15am A205 Bariatric nursing practice analysis
Authors: William Gourash, PhD MSN CRNP; Jessie Moore, MSN FNP- BC; Sandy L Tompkins, RN; Teresa Fraker, MS RN; Sue Dugan, BSN CBN; Ruth M Davis, RN BSN MBA; Daniel H. H Breidenbach, PhD
Presenter: William Gourash, PhD MSN CRNP
11:30am A206 A behavioral rating scale predicts weight loss and quality of life after bariatric surgery
Authors: William A Hilgendorf, PhD; Annabelle Butler, MD; Lava Timsina, PhD; Jennifer N Choi, MD; Ambar Banerjee, MD; Faisal Rehman, MD; Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD PhD; Don J Selzer, MD
Presenter: William A Hilgendorf, PhD
11:45am A207 Can patient self-evaluation reduce readmission rates?
Authors: Emily L Thevis, BS; Kristen Gradney, MHA RDN LDN; Glenn Jones, PhD MP; Leslie Son, PhD
Presenter: Emily L Thevis, BS
Discussant: Hilary Blackwood, NP