Americans get too little exercise. Barriers to physical activity have stymied efforts to encourage individuals to improve their physical fitness. Governments, especially at that state and local levels, have implemented important changes to address these barriers and to make exercise and physical activity an easier choice. In this session, researchers will present evidence regarding the effect of policies and programs to improve physical fitness, from public transit to parks to school start times. They will discuss the process for evaluating policies, including methodological and analytic advances that strengthen efforts to rigorously evaluate their effect.

3:30pm School Start Times and Physical Activity: Impact of a Natural Experiment, Evaluating Innovative Policies to Reduce Obesity
Rachel Widome, PhD MHS
4:00pm Parks and Health: Evaluating the Community Parks Initiative in New York City
Terry T Huang, PhD MPH
4:30pm Promoting Public Transit to Promote Physical Activity
Andrew L Dannenberg, MD MPH