TOS’s poster sessions run all the hours that the exhibit hall is open, but the only time you can meet and talk to the presenters about their research is during the lunchtime poster sessions. Please note that each poster is displayed for one day only, so check back daily for more cutting-edge research! Full abstracts will be available on the website, in printed abstract book and in the app once the embargo lifts on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017 at 12:00 a.m. ET (midnight).

12:00pm T-P-3163 Effect of Estrogen on Body Composition, Activity, and Hormone Levels in NHP on a Western-style Diet
Authors: Jonathan Q Purnell, MD FTOS; Henryk F Urbanski, PhD; Cynthia Bethea, PhD
Presenter: Jonathan Q Purnell, MD FTOS
12:00pm T-P-3164 Unifying Algorithms for Converting Raw Accelerometer Data Into Posture Determinations
Authors: Graham Moore; Shelly K Mccrady-Spitzer, MS; Gabriel A Koepp; James A Levine, MD PhD
Presenter: Shelly K Mccrady-Spitzer, MS
12:00pm T-P-3165 Walking Economy and Exercise Efficiency in Successful Weight Loss Maintainers
Authors: Seth A Creasy, PhD; Edward Melanson, PhD; Ann E Caldwell, PhD; Danielle M Ostendorf, PhD(c); Raymond Browning, PhD; James O Hill, PhD; Holly Wyatt, MD; Zhaoxing Pan, PhD; Victoria A Catenacci, MD
Presenter: Seth A Creasy, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3166 Associations With Hypometabolism in Adolescents With Severe Obesity
Authors: Linhda Nguyen, PA-C; George A. Datto, MD; Thao-ly T Phan, MD MPH; Jobayer Hossain, PhD
Presenter: Linhda Nguyen, PA-C
12:00pm T-P-3167 PKA Cβ-/- Mice Resist DIO, Have Increased Sympathetic Outflow and Heart Rate, but Not Metabolic Rate
Authors: Edra London, PhD; Oksana Gavrilova, PhD; Graeme Eisenhofer, PhD; Constantine A Stratakis, MD DMedSci
Presenter: Edra London, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3169 The Melanocortin 3 Receptor (MC3R) and Regulation of Circadian Rhythmicity
Authors: Andrew J Uhlman, BS; Daniel B Gehle, BS; Joo Yun Jun, PhD; Steven B Cai, BA; Pooja G Patel, BA; Robin B Roberson, BA; Jack A Yanovski, MD PhD
Presenter: Andrew J Uhlman, BS
12:00pm T-P-3171 Comparison of Resting Energy Expenditure Prediction Equations in Adults With Severe Obesity
Authors: James D Lecheminant, PhD; Lance E Davidson, PhD; Steven C Simper, MD FACS; Rodrick D McKinlay, MD; Ted D Adams, PhD; Steven C Hunt, PhD
Presenter: James D Lecheminant, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3172 Core Body Temperature and Energy Expenditure Changes During Acute Dietary Manipulations in Humans
Authors: Brittany Begaye, BS; Paolo Piaggi, PhD; Marie S Thearle, MD; Mathias Schlögl, MD; Jonathan Krakoff, MD; Karyne L Vinales, MD
Presenter: Brittany Begaye, BS
12:00pm T-P-3173 Doubly-Labeled Water Assessment of Total Energy Expenditure in Successful Weight Loss Maintainers
Authors: Danielle M Ostendorf, PhD(c); Ann E Caldwell, PhD; Seth A Creasy, PhD; Zhaoxing Pan, PhD; Holly Wyatt, MD; James O Hill, PhD; Edward Melanson, PhD; Victoria A Catenacci, MD
Presenter: Danielle M Ostendorf, PhD(c)
12:00pm T-P-3174 Effects of Dietary High-fat Meals on Acute Metabolic Responses in Normal Weight, Premenopausal Women
Authors: Jada L Stevenson, PhD RDN LD; Miguel A Lopez, BS; Danielle B Rivera
Presenter: Jada L Stevenson, PhD RDN LD
12:00pm T-P-3175 Examining Differences Between Predicted and Measured Resting Metabolic Rate in Obese Men and Women
Authors: Gary Miller, PhD; Mariweir Harris, BS; Danielle Medina-Hernandez, BS; Priya V Patel, BS; Gwendolyn E Dunlap, EP-C
Presenter: Gary Miller, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3176 The Role of Adiponectin in Melanocortin 3 Receptor (MC3R)-Insufficiency Obesity Phenotypes
Authors: Pooja G Patel, BA; Joo Yun Jun, PhD; Bonggi Lee, PhD; Robin B Roberson, BA; Steven B Cai, BA; Andrew J Uhlman, BS; Oksana Gavrilova, PhD; Dezmond Taylor-Douglas, BS; Jack A Yanovski, MD PhD
Presenter: Pooja G Patel, BA