This Corporate Sponsored Symposium is supported by Bariatric Advantage

Overview and Desciption

This educational symposium with dinner is designed for the bariatric surgeon and integrated healthcare professional. It features four lecture topics related to improving patient outcomes through the use of targeted nutritional products. There will be a question and answer panel session to follow the lectures.

Course Director: John Dixon, MBBS, PhD. John is a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, Head of Clinical Obesity Research, and Head of Weight Assessment and Management Clinical the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. Adjunct Professor, Primary Care Research Unit, Monash University Melbourne, Australia.

Registration Required. Please contact your local Bariatric Advantage representative or call +1-800- 898-6888 for the password.

7:00pm Registration and Reception
7:30pm Welcome
Bret Petkus
7:45pm Dinner and Introductions
John B Dixon, MBBS PhD
8:00pm Medically Supervised Weight Loss- a Best Practice Review
Richard Lindquist, MD
8:20pm Improving Adherence to Nutritional Recommendations
Cassie Story, RDN
8:50pm The Human Microbiome and Probiotics
Alvin Ibarra, PhD
9:00pm Review of a Novel Weight Loss Predictor