Joint Session between ASMBS & TOS

Historically, surgical and nonsurgical interventions for obesity have operated in separate arenas, and there is room for increased communication ‘across the aisle’. In this session, clinicians representing both fields will present their perspectives and engage in dialogue about what they would most like colleagues from ‘the other side’ to understand about their own field. Speakers will present concise ‘primers’ of the most important information for other clinicians to know about surgical and nonsurgical approaches, and a more integrated, ‘continuum’ model of surgical and nonsurgical approaches will be presented.

1:30pm Nonsurgical Obesity Interventions—What Bariatric Clinicians Need to Know
Robert F Kushner, MD
2:00pm Surgical Obesity Interventions—What Nonsurgical Obesity Clinicians Need to Know
John B Dixon, MBBS PhD
2:30pm Panel Dialogue: Conceptualizing Nonsurgical and Sugical Treatment for Obesity as a Continuum with John Dixon and Robert Kushner