Joint Session between ASMBS & TOS

Seven years after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the direct impact on access to obesity care has been limited. Impact has been indirect, related to more people with obesity gaining health insurance and the elimination of pre-existing conditions as a barrier. This forum will examine progress in access to care, the need for more progress, and the potential impact of new policies.

8:00am Clinical Perspectives on the Impact of the ACA in Obesity Care
W Scott Butsch, MD MSc FTOS
8:10am Current Challenges Facing Surgeons in the Age of the ACA
John Scott, MD FASMBS
8:20am Perspective on Progress and Gaps in Addressing Obesity
William H Dietz, MD PhD
8:40am Perspective on a Healthy Workforce
Trina Histon, PhD
9:00am Opportunities for New Policies to Address Obesity
Matt Gallivan, MBA
9:20am Panel Discussion