8:00am Open TAR
Eric M Pauli, MD
8:15am eTEP TAR and eTEP RIVES
Reza Zahiri
8:30am rTAPP umbilical and rIPOM
David LouriƩ, MD FACS
8:45am rTAR
Alfredo Carbonell, DO
9:00am Q & A
9:30am Break
10:15am Management of Hiatal Hernia in the obese patient
Diego Camacho, MD
10:30am Management algorithms of Ventral / Incisional Hernia during Bariatric surgery
Tammy L Kindel, MD PhD
10:45am Sleeve vs RYGBP in pts with GERD and Hiatal Hernia
John Romanelli, MD
11:00am Closing Petersen"s defect: Is it worth the time
Ricardo Cohen, PhD MD
11:15am Is laparoscopic ventral hernia repair still relevant?
Brian Jacob, MD
11:30am Q & A
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Morbidly obese presents with Loss of Doman 20cm wide ventral hernia. Botox and preop pnuemo
Vedra Augenstein, MD
1:45pm Open onlay mesh hernia repair technique; not as bad as you think
Mujjahid Abbas, MD
2:00pm Incisional hernia prevention / laparotomy closure technique
William Hope, MD
2:15pm Prophylactic mesh placement
Edward Felix, MD FASMBS
2:30pm Q & A
2:45pm Ideal location for mesh placement
Brian Jacob, MD
3:00pm Emergent strangulated ventral hernia in the BMI 50 patient. Management options
Erin Moran-Atkin, MD
3:15pm Q & A
3:30pm Break
4:20pm New technologies in 2018 for hernias
Jeremy Warren, MD
4:40pm Inguinal hernia repair in obese patients
Daniel Herron, MD FASMBS
5:00pm rTAR in the morbidly obese - amazing video review
Reza Zahiri
5:20pm Summary and Discussion
5:30pm Adjourn