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Adjustable Gastric Banding & Adolescents
9:45am A5009 Morbidity and mortality is comparable following bariatric surgery in adolescents versus adults
Authors: Rana Higgins, MD; Melissa C Helm, BS; Jon C Gould, MD; Tammy L Kindel, MD PhD
Presenter: Rana Higgins, MD
9:45am A5010 Diagnostic accuracy of the gerdq questionnaire in the assessment of erosive esophagitis in patients preparing for bariatric surgery
Authors: Jolanta Lorentzen, MD; Birgitte BS Seip, MD PhD; Jøran Hjelmesæth, PhD MD; Asle W. Medhus; Jens Kristoffer Hertel, PhD; Heidi Borgeraas, Phd; Tor-Ivar Karlsen, PhD; Ronette L. Kolotkin, PhD; Rune Sandbu, MD; Dag Hofsø, MD PhD; Marius MS Svanevik, MD; Daniel Sifrim
Presenter: Jolanta Lorentzen, MD
Bypass Procedures
9:45am A5034 Banded gastric bypass vs standard gastric bypass: Weight loss and maintenance after four years
Authors: Winni Mathur, BPT MBA(HA); Mohit Bhandari, MD; Mathias Fobi, MD
Presenter: Winni Mathur, BPT MBA(HA)
9:45am A5032 Bowel fucntion following laparoscopic roux-en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Eliza A Conaty, BS; Stephen P Haggerty, MD; Kristine A Kuchta, MS; Woody Denham, MD; John Linn, MD; Michael Ujiki, MD
Presenter: Eliza A Conaty, BS
Comparative Trials & Endoscopy
9:45am A5322 Inversion technique for the removal of partially covered self-expandable metallic stents
Authors: Christine Hill, BS; Sindhu Barola, MBBS; Abhishek Agnihotri, MBBS; Yen-I Chen, MD; Saowanee Ngamruengphong; Mouen A Khashab, MD; Patrick I Okolo; Vivek Kumbhari, MD
Presenter: Christine Hill, BS
9:45am A5323 Efficacy of duodenal-jejunal bypass liner (djbl) with weight loss trends following removal: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Authors: Pichamol Jirapinyo, MD; Violeta Popov, MD PhD; Christopher C Thompson, MD MSc
Presenter: Pichamol Jirapinyo, MD
9:45am A5246 Short-term outcomes are poor among chronic steroids users following bariatric surgery
Authors: Rami R Mustafa, MD; Adel Alhaj Saleh, MD; Mujjahid Abbas, MD; Seyed Mohammed Kalantar Motamedi, MD/MPH; Tomasz Rogula, MD PhD; Leena Khaitain, MD; Adil Khan, MD
Presenter: Rami R Mustafa, MD
9:45am A5247 Safety of panniculectomy in the setting of metabolic syndrome: Analysis of 7,030 cases
Authors: Dmitry Zavlin, MD; Kevin T. Jubbal, MD; Christopher L. Balinger, MD; Tue A. Dinh, MD; Jeffrey D. Friedman, MD; Anthony Echo, MD
Presenter: Dmitry Zavlin, MD
9:45am A5263 Nationwide comparison of laparoscopic and robotic assisted bariatric surgery
Authors: Ellen D Vogels, DO; David May, DO; Jai Prasad, MD; Jacob A Petrosky, MD; James Dove, BA; Marcus Fluck, BS; David M Parker, MD; Jon Gabrielsen, MD; Anthony Petrick, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Ellen D Vogels, DO
9:45am A5264 Endoscopic suturing and covered stent deployment for the management of marginal ulcer following roux-en-y gastric bypass: A case series
Authors: Sindhu Barola, MBBS; Thomas H Magnuson, MD; Michael A Schweitzer, MD; Yen-I Chen, MD; Saowanee Ngamruengphong; Mouen A Khashab, MD; Vivek Kumbhari, MD
Presenter: Sindhu Barola, MBBS
Emerging Tech & Nutrition
9:45am A5305 No effect of high dose oral iron supplementation on copper and zinc status in gastric bypass patients undergoing treatment for iron deficiency
Authors: Nana Gletsu MIller, PhD; Aisling M Mangan, RD
Presenter: Nana Gletsu MIller, PhD
General Interest
9:45am A5161 Obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Cause and effect?
Authors: Khaleel Mohammad, MD; Jawad J Ali, MD; Mohamed Ali, MD; Aaron Carr, MD; Rouzbeh Mostaedi, MD
Presenter: Khaleel Mohammad, MD
9:45am A5162 Diagnostic accuracy of body mass index (bmi) to identify obesity in saudi adult population in a community based setting
Authors: Muath Alammar, MD
Presenter: Muath Alammar, MD
9:45am A5187 The results of a surgical complication protection program in a bundled payment arrangement in the US.: 2006-2015
Authors: Joseph E Chebli, MD; Regi Schindler, BA
Presenter: Joseph E Chebli, MD
9:45am A5188 Predictors of one-year follow-up patient survey completion after bariatric surgery
Authors: Khalil Masabni, MD; Arthur M Carlin, MD; Oliver A Varban, MD FACS; Ruth Cassidy, MS; Aaron J Bonham, MSc; Amanda Stricklen, RN MS; Jonathan F Finks, MD; Amir A Ghaferi, MD MS
Presenter: Khalil Masabni, MD
9:45am A5189 Factors associated with lean mass change following bariatric surgery
Authors: Wendy M Miller, MD; Jay Kachoria, MD; Kerstyn C Zalesin, MD
Presenter: Wendy M Miller, MD
9:45am A5160 The influence of bariatric surgery on the pharmacokinetics of drugs in patients with obesity - a systematic review of the literature
Authors: Philip Carlo S Angeles, MD; Ida Robertsen, PhD; Veronica Krogstad, MSc; Julie Skattebu, BLib; Lars Thomas Seeberg, MD; Rune Sandbu, MD; Anders Åsberg, Prof; Jøran Hjelmesæth, PhD MD
Presenter: Philip Carlo S Angeles, MD
Integrated Health
9:45am A5058 Use of novel oral anticoagulants (noacs) in obese subjects undergoing sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Scott Monte, PharmD; Joseph A Caruana, MD; KwanNok Leung, PharmD Candidate; Qing Ma, PhD
Presenter: Scott Monte, PharmD
9:45am A5056 Mood and food: Pre-operative affective state and postoperative weight loss
Authors: Raman D Krimpuri, MD MBA; James Yokley, PhD; Eileen Seeholzer, MD MS; Ewald Horwath, MD; Charles Thomas, BA; Allison Griesmer, MA; Sergio J Bardaro, MD
Presenter: Raman D Krimpuri, MD MBA
9:45am A5057 Clients seek assistance from higher powers: An examination of the faith community nurse role through the bariatric journey
Authors: Karen D Groller, PHD RN-BC CMSRN
Presenter: Karen D Groller, PHD RN-BC CMSRN
Malabstorptive & Epidemiology/Physiology
9:45am A5289 Steps to perform a laparoscopic duodenal switch
Authors: Camila B Ortega, MD; Daniel D Guerron, MD; Dana D Portenier, MD; Chan Park, MD
Presenter: Camila B Ortega, MD
9:45am A5288 Total robotic duodenal switch: Analysis of 21 patients
Authors: Abdulkadir Bedirli, MD; Orhan Aslan, MD; Cagri Buyukkasap, MD
Presenter: Abdulkadir Bedirli, MD
Portuguese Posters
9:45am A5348 Análise da segurança da alta hospitalar precoce em pacientes submetidos à cirurgia bariátrica laparoscópica em centro de excelência
Authors: Almino Ramos, MD IFASMBS; José A Sallet, MD; Marcelo JR Lima, MD; Eduardo LS Bastos, MD PhD; Manoela Ramos, MD; Nelcy B Amaral, MD; Paulo F Costa, MD; Marcio JC Arruda, MD
Presenter: Almino Ramos, MD IFASMBS
Revisional Procedures
9:45am A5209 Revisional weight loss: An australian experience
Authors: Domini D Ku, BMed; Michael Devadas, FRACS MBBS (Hons) BAppSc
Presenter: Domini D Ku, BMed
9:45am A5211 Implementation of enhanced recovery after surgery protocol for revision bariatric procedures in an ambulatory setting: How far can you push the envelope?
Authors: Amit K Surve, MD; Hinali M Zaveri, MD; Daniel R Cottam, MD; Thomas W Umbach, MD; John J DeBarros, MD; Matthew Apel, MD; Michael J Orris, DO MBA ; Legrand Belnap, MD; Christina Richards, MD< FACS; Walter Medlin, MD; Sarah Burke, RDN; Austin Cottam, HS
Presenter: Amit K Surve, MD
9:45am A5222 Sleeveless duodenal switch as a revision for failed adjustable gastric banding
Authors: Yalini Vigneswaran, MD MS; Jared Miller, MD; Vivek N Prachand, MD; Mustafa Hussain, MD
Presenter: Yalini Vigneswaran, MD MS
9:45am A5224 Reoperation following roux-en-y gastric bypass for morbid obesity
Authors: Wen-Liang Fang, MD; Stanley J Rogers, MD; Pawan Chansaenroj
Presenter: Wen-Liang Fang, MD
9:45am A5210 Outcome of sleeve revisions for inadequate weight loss or weight regain to bgbp vs. mgb vs. re-sleeve
Authors: Mohit Bhandari, MD; Winni Mathur, BPT MBA(HA); Mathias Fobi, MD
Presenter: Mohit Bhandari, MD
Scientific Research
9:45am A5084 Pain sensitivity and pain scoring in patients with severe obesity
Authors: Bart Torensma, MSC PHD.C; Linda Oudejans, PhD; Monique van Velzen, PhD; Dingeman Swank, MD PhD; Marieke Niesters, MD PhD; Albert Dahan, Prof
Presenter: Bart Torensma, MSC PHD.C
Sleeve Gastrectomy
9:45am A5105 Battle of the sexes in weight loss surgery: Outcomes of 6,685 women versus 2,281 men who underwent laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Kevin Engledow, DO; Lisa Pedevillano, MBS DO; Christina Nituica, MD FACS; Gus J Slotman, MD
Presenter: Kevin Engledow, DO
9:45am A5106 Sleeve gastrectomy improves gerd symptoms in 916 patients
Authors: Peter S Billing, MD; Kurtis Stewart, MD; Josiah P Billing, BS; Robert Landerholm, MD; Jeffrey Collings, BS; Eric Harris, MD; Jedediah A Kaufman, MD
Presenter: Peter S Billing, MD
9:45am A5124 Impact of preoperative percent total body weight loss on outcomes following sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Abhisek Parmar, MD MS; Joseph M Drosdeck, MD MS; Amy Douglas, MS; Farah A Husain, MD; Donn H Spight, MD; Samer Mattar, MD
Presenter: Abhisek Parmar, MD MS
9:45am A5104 Impact of sleeve gastrectomy and roux-en-y gastric bypass on chronic respiratory diseases: A single institution experience
Authors: Rafael A. Ramos Vecchio, MD; Alexandra Ferre, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD; Samuel Szomstein, MD FASMBS; Raúl Rosenthal, MD
Presenter: Rafael A. Ramos Vecchio, MD