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Adjustable Gastric Banding & Adolescents
12:00pm A5003 Hospital readmission and reoperations with the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (lagb): Results from a 4-year multicenter quality improvement project
Authors: Eric J Vargas, MD; George Fielding, MD; Keith McEwen; Sidney Rohrscheib, MD; Christine Ren Fielding, MD; Adam Smith; Robert G Snow, DO; Christopher J Gostout, MD
Presenter: Eric J Vargas, MD
12:00pm A5004 Fate of laparoscopic adjustable gastric bands in a university bariatric program
Authors: Ann M Rogers, MD; Jin S Kim, BS BA; Cheyenne C Sonntag, MD; Amber L Schilling, MEd PharmD
Presenter: Ann M Rogers, MD
12:00pm A5005 Adolescent bariatric surgery is on the rise: An analysis of utilization and procedure trends in new york state
Authors: Shabana Humayon, MBBS MPH; Maria Altieri, MD MS; Jie Yang, PhD; Lizhou Nie, MS; Konstantinos Spaniolas, MD; Aurora Pryor, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Shabana Humayon, MBBS MPH
Bypass Procedures
12:00pm A5028 Does bariatric surgery benefit night-shift workers?
Authors: Habib Khoury, BS; Michaela Derby, BA; Theodore Hu, BS; Sharon Wulfovich, BA; Dan E Azagury, MD; Homero Rivas, MD; John Morton, MD MPH FACS
Presenter: Habib Khoury, BS
Comparative Trials & Endoscopy
12:00pm A5317 Does preoperative insulin resistance affect the outcomes of bariatric surgery?
Authors: Katie Shpanskaya, BS; Habib Khoury, BS; Dan E Azagury, MD; Homero Rivas, MD; John Morton, MD MPH FACS
Presenter: Katie Shpanskaya, BS
12:00pm A5239 Evaluating the use of stents for bariatric complications: Is it time for an on-label designation?
Authors: Arielle Kanters, MD MS; Oliver A Varban, MD FACS; Justin B Dimick, MD MPH FACS; Dana A Telem, MD
Presenter: Arielle Kanters, MD MS
12:00pm A5242 A retrospective review and comparison of leak rates and bleeding complications between open, laparoscopic and robot assisted rny gastric bypass procedures. a single surgeon experience over 16 years
Authors: Amjad Ali, MD; Jawaid Kalim, MD FACS FASMBS; Muhammad Asad, MD
Presenter: Amjad Ali, MD
12:00pm A5260 Drains use for bariatric surgical procedures is associated with increased complications and prolonged length of stay: A metabolic and bariatric surgery accreditation and quality improvement program analysis
Authors: Priscila R Armijo, MD; Akshay Chauhan, MD; Corrigan L Mcbride, MD; Vishal M Kothari, MD; Dmitry Oleynikov, MD
Presenter: Priscila R Armijo, MD
12:00pm A5240 Early small bowel obstruction after laparoscopic gastric bypass: A surgical emergency
Authors: Amar Shah, MD; Jad Khoraki, MD; Paul Del Prado, MD; Zachary P Kimball, BS; Peter C Lo, MA; Luke Wolfe, MS; Jennifer Salluzzo, MD; Guilherme M Campos, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Amar Shah, MD
Emerging Tech & Nutrition
12:00pm A5293 Do wearable activity trackers enhance the outcomes of bariatric surgery?
Authors: Habib Khoury, BS; John Morton, MD MPH FACS; Thomas Boillat, PhD; Sharon Wulfovich, BA; Katarzyna Wac, PhD; Homero Rivas, MD
Presenter: Habib Khoury, BS
12:00pm A5312 Assessment of non-nutritive sweetener use by bariatric patients
Authors: Andrea Stone, BS; Janet Ng, PhD; Richard L Seip, PhD; Sally N Strange, PhD RN CBN; Pavlos K Papasavas, MD; Darren Tishler, MD
Presenter: Andrea Stone, BS
12:00pm A5308 Nutritional safety and metabolic benefits of an oncometabolic reconstruction method for early gastric cancer patients with overweight and metabolic diease
Authors: Young Suk Park, MD
Presenter: Young Suk Park, MD
12:00pm A5292 Short-term results for intermittent vagal nerve blocking (vbloc) in the “real-world”, nonresearch environment
Authors: Scott Shikora, MD; Collin E Brathwaite, MD; Frank H Chae, MD FACS; John Dietrick, MD; Guillermo Gomez, MD; Caitlin A Halbert, DO MS; Isaias Irgau, MD; Sachin S Kukreja, MD; Peter C LePort, MD; John Morton, MD MPH FACS; Pavlos K Papasavas, MD; Charles D Procter, MD FACS; Sajani Shah, MD; Mark Takata, MD
Presenter: Scott Shikora, MD
General Interest
12:00pm A5154 Reducing the length of stay by eliminating the pca
Authors: Monica Marple, PA-C; Erin Bashaw, MSN BSN RN NE-BC CBN; Aline Van, RN CNL MSN CPHQ LSSBB
Presenter: Monica Marple, PA-C
12:00pm A5155 Opioid use and health care cost related to opioid use after bariatric surgery
Authors: Jaewhan Kim, PhD; Ted D Adams, PhD; Lance E Davidson, PhD; Steven C Hunt, PhD
Presenter: Jaewhan Kim, PhD
12:00pm A5156 Adjustments to warfarin dosing following gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Andrew T Strong, MD; Gautam Sharma, MD; Zubaidah Nor Hanipah, MD; Derrick C Cetin, DO; Stacy Brethauer, MD FASMBS; Ali Aminian, MD; Phillip R Schauer, MD FACS
Presenter: Andrew T Strong, MD
12:00pm A5181 Impact of a structured discharge plan and a follow-up phone call on postoperative complications and hospital readmissions after bariatric surgery
Authors: Guillermo E Hernandez, MD; Claudia Yasmin Diaz Aguilar, MD; Andrei Coria, MD; Azucena Reyes, MD; Maureen Mosti, CBN; Hugo Sanchez, MD; Miguel F Herrera, MD
Presenter: Guillermo E Hernandez, MD
12:00pm A5176 Characteristics of and bariatric surgery outcomes for individuals with suspected cognitive limitations
Authors: Allison A Holgerson, PhD; Matthew Clark, PhD; Jane H. Cerhan, PhD; Tyler E. Owens, PhD; Meera Shah, MB ChB; Todd A Kellogg, MD; Sarah Kalsy, MA LP; Karen Graszer, MA; Karen B Grothe, PhD ABPP LP
Presenter: Allison A Holgerson, PhD
12:00pm A5183 Simple and inexpensive method of creating pledgeted sutures for hiatal hernia repair at time of bariatric surgery
Authors: Aviv Ben-Meir, MD FACS; Courtney Holbrook, PhD; Dian Nutter, PA-C
Presenter: Aviv Ben-Meir, MD FACS
12:00pm A5182 Bariatric surgery as a bridge to transplantation in the end stage renal disease population with obesity
Authors: Lily Owei, BA; Samuel Torres Landa, MD; Colleen Tewksbury, MPH RD LDN; Jordana Cohen, MD MSCE; Mary A Lim, MD; Daniel T Dempsey, MD; Peter L Abt, MD; Noel N Williams, MD; Kristoffel Dumon
Presenter: Lily Owei, BA
Integrated Health
12:00pm A5051 Guiding patients toward the appropriate surgical treatment for obesity: Should presurgery psychological correlates influence choice between roux-en-y gastric gypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy?
Authors: Gretchen Ames, PhD; Michael G Heckman, MS; Dustin M Shepherd, BS; Allison A Holgerson, PhD; Karen B Grothe, PhD ABPP LP; Todd A Kellogg, MD; Steven P Bowers, MD; Matthew Clark, PhD
Presenter: Gretchen Ames, PhD
12:00pm A5052 An evidence-based practice protocol to reduce nausea in the bariatric surgery patient
Authors: Stephanie P Keeth, DNP ACNP-BC CNS CCRN CBN; Marcos Michelotti, MD FACS; Jeffrey E Quigley, DO; Aarthy Kannappan, MD; Esther Wu, MD; Amelia Tiefenthaler, BSN; Daisy Alvarado, BSN PHN; Keith R Scharf, DO
Presenter: Stephanie P Keeth, DNP ACNP-BC CNS CCRN CBN
12:00pm A5071 Predictors of weight regain in bariatric patients: An argentinian retrospective multicentre study
Authors: Laura Fantelli Pateiro, RD; Monica Coqueugniot, RD; Natalia Pampillón; Clarisa Reynoso, MD; Patricia De Rosa, Rn; Fabian Melamed, Master D.; Carolina Pagano, RD
Presenter: Laura Fantelli Pateiro, RD
Metabolic Surgery For Diabetes
12:00pm A5277 Inverse association between body mass index and osteosarcopenia in community dwelling elderly
Authors: Mauricio Moreno-Aguilar, MD; Miguel Francisco Herrera Hernandez, MD PhD; Maureen Mosti, CBN
Presenter: Mauricio Moreno-Aguilar, MD
Portuguese Posters
12:00pm A5340 Gastroplastia vertical endoscópica – estenose de piloro
Authors: Sheila Maria Vaz Moreno; Alessandra M Cunha, MD; Eduardo Grecco, MD; Thiago F Souza, MD; Luiz Quadros, Md; Luana L Baldim, MD
Presenter: Luana L Baldim, MD
12:00pm A5342 Apresentação metodológica para realização de esg no primeiro protocolo de estudos do brasil
Authors: Eduardo Grecco, MD; Luiz Quadros, Md; Thiago F Souza, MD; Manoel Galvao, MD IFASMBS; Lyz Bezerra, MD MS; Natan Zundel, MD; Almino Ramos, MD IFASMBS
Presenter: Eduardo Grecco, MD
12:00pm A5338 Incidencia de hernia interna em pacientes operados de by pass gastrico para o tratamento da obesidade
Authors: Jose Elias Aloan, MD; Alfredo L Gomes; Raquel Albrecht
Presenter: Jose Elias Aloan, MD
Revisional Procedures
12:00pm A5203 Expect less: One year outcomes after conversion from adjustable gastric band to sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass versus primary procedures
Authors: Katherine D Gray, MD; Omar Bellorin, MD; Maureen D. Moore, MD; Gregory F Dakin, MD; Cheguevara Afaneh, MD; Alfons Pomp, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Katherine D Gray, MD
12:00pm A5204 Band to sleeve to bypass: Indications and outcomes for the bariatric 'hat trick'
Authors: Stephanie N. Szczesniak, BS; Peter F Lalor, MD
Presenter: Stephanie N. Szczesniak, BS
12:00pm A5205 Effects of revisional gastric bypass on resolution of comorbidities compared to primary gastric bypass
Authors: Sama Asal, MD; Davit Sargsyan, MD PhD; Moataz Bashah, MD
Presenter: Sama Asal, MD
12:00pm A5216 Modeling suture patterns for endoscopic gastrojejunostomy revision: Analyzing a technique to address weight regain after gastric bypass
Authors: Herbert M Hedberg, MD; Alexander Trenk, MD; Stephen P Haggerty, MD; John Linn, MD; Woody Denham, MD; Michael Ujiki, MD
Presenter: Herbert M Hedberg, MD
12:00pm A5217 Robotic reversal of roux-en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Wayne S Lee, MD; Sergey Lyass, MD
Presenter: Wayne S Lee, MD
12:00pm A5218 Roux-en-y endoscopic revisional surgery: A study of safety, feasibility, and efficacy
Authors: Andromahi Trivellas, BS; Christopher DuCoin, MD MPH; Rachel Moore, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Andromahi Trivellas, BS
Scientific Research
12:00pm A5080 Perioperative intravenous ibuprofen in bariatric surgery: A prospective double blind randomized controlled trial
Authors: Ajay K Chopra, MD FASMBS; Jayne A Lieb, MD; Denise Sullivan, ANP; Teimuraz Gaprindashvili, MD; Leonard Golden, MD; Mindaugas Pranevicius, MD
Presenter: Ajay K Chopra, MD FASMBS
12:00pm A5095 Identification of molecular markers for nash
Authors: Xin Chu, PhD; G. Craig Wood, MS; Peter N Benotti, MD; Anthony Petrick, MD FASMBS; Jon Gabrielsen, MD; Glenn S Gerhard, MD; Christopher D Still, DO FACN FACP
Presenter: Xin Chu, PhD
Sleeve Gastrectomy
12:00pm A5120 Predictors of short term success of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy; does psychological well-being matter?
Authors: Mohammad Afrasiabi, MD; Arsalan Salamat, MD; Francesca Bryan, BS; Rami Lutfi, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Mohammad Afrasiabi, MD
12:00pm A5119 Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy improves kidney function in morbidly obese patients with chronic kidney disease: A match control study
Authors: David Romero Funes, MD; David Gutierrez Blanco, MD; Giulio Giambartolomei, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD; Samuel Szomstein, MD FASMBS; Raúl Rosenthal, MD
Presenter: David Romero Funes, MD