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Adjustable Gastric Banding & Adolescents
12:00pm A5021 Moving on and growing up - adolescent to adult transition: When is the right time?
Authors: Melissa Santos, PhD; Sally N Strange, PhD RN CBN; Darren Tishler, MD; Pavlos K Papasavas, MD; Meghna Misra, MD; Christine Finck, Md
Presenter: Melissa Santos, PhD
12:00pm A5022 Visit adherence in the first two years following adolescent bariatric surgery
Authors: Mary-Catherine Perry, RD LDN; George A. Datto, MD; Margaret Karpink, RN; Linhda Nguyen, PA-C; Jennifer Robbins, MD; Megan Cohen, PhD; Lauren L. Falini, BS
Presenter: Mary-Catherine Perry, RD LDN
12:00pm A5023 Use of technology with adolescents undergoing bariatric surgery: A literature review and implications for clinicians
Authors: Madison Bracken, BA; Melissa Santos, PhD
Presenter: Melissa Santos, PhD
Bypass Procedures
12:00pm A5045 Health care resource utilization associated with sleeve gastrectomy compared to roux-en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Richard L Seip, PhD; Andrea Stone, BS; Tara McLaughlin, PhD; Ilene Staff, PhD; Darren Tishler, MD; Pavlos K Papasavas, MD
Presenter: Richard L Seip, PhD
12:00pm A5341 Hernia interna em paciente submetido a bypass gástrico com manobra de fixação jejunal
Authors: Giuliano Campelo, MD; Christian L Scheibe, MD; Roclides Lima, MD; Luis Pinto, MD
Presenter: Giuliano Campelo, MD
Comparative Trials & Endoscopy
12:00pm A5332 The addition of anti-obesity medications to transoral outlet reduction for the treatment of weight regain after bypass surgery
Authors: Eric J Vargas, MD; Fateh Bazerbachi, MD; Monika Rizk, BS; Andres Acosta, MD PhD; Haitham S Abu-Lebdeh, MD MSc; Meera Shah, MB ChB; Manpreet Mundi, MD; Maria Collazo-Clavell, MD; Todd A Kellogg, MD; Mark D Topazian, MD; Christopher J Gostout, MD; Barham Abu Dayyeh, MD MPH
Presenter: Eric J Vargas, MD
12:00pm A5334 Intragastric balloon as a bridge therapy in patients selected for gastric bypass: 1 year experience
Authors: Omar R Quiroz, MD; Alfredo Peniche, MD; Victor J Cuevas, MD; Jorge Farell, MD
Presenter: Omar R Quiroz, MD
12:00pm A5256 Laparoscopic repair of perforated marginal ulcer following gastric bypass
Authors: Richard M Peterson, MD MPH; Patrick Nguyen, MD; Benjamin L Clapp, MD; Matthew Wynn, BS; Montana O'Dell, BS; Colin Martyn, MD; Chase Foster, MS
Presenter: Richard M Peterson, MD MPH
12:00pm A5257 Pharmacobezoar after gastric bypass
Authors: Benjamin L Clapp, MD; Matthew Wynn, BS; Montana O'Dell, BS; Colin Martyn, MD; Chase Foster, MS
Presenter: Benjamin L Clapp, MD
12:00pm A5271 A case report: Intraluminal blood clot as a cause of small bowel obstruction after roux en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Adel Alhaj Saleh, MD; Rami R Mustafa, MD; Mujjahid Abbas, MD
Presenter: Adel Alhaj Saleh, MD
12:00pm A5048 Effect of a novel nutritional group protocol on preoperative weight loss, readiness for bariatric surgery and utilization of practice resources in a high volume bariatric program
Authors: Ioannis Raftopoulos, MD PhD; Marissa Chiapperino, MPH RD CSO LDN CDE CNSC; Maria Michelakis, MA LMHC; Caroline White, RN; Elana Davidson, PA-C MPAS
Presenter: Ioannis Raftopoulos, MD PhD
General Interest
12:00pm A5172 Optimal perioperative low molecular weight heparin dosing in bariatric surgery: A prospective study
Authors: Jenny M Held, MD; Christian McEvoy, MD MPH; Collette Ho, RN ASN; Laura Fluke, DO; Robert B McLendon, MD; Ryan Restrepo; Matthew Leatherman; Kevan Mann
Presenter: Jenny M Held, MD
12:00pm A5199 Breast density following bariatric surgery: Is bi-rads the answer?
Authors: Rafael Alvarez, MD; Randy J Seeley, PhD; Mark A Helvie, MD; Oliver A Varban, MD FACS; Natalie Rizk, MD PhD; Morgan S White, BS; Elika Shabrokh, PhD; Chuan Zhou, PhD; Heang-Ping Chan, PhD
Presenter: Rafael Alvarez, MD
12:00pm A5339 Sistematização de bypass gástrico pós 1.932 casos
Authors: Jose Elias Aloan, MD; Alfredo L Gomes; Raquel Albrecht
Presenter: Jose Elias Aloan, MD
Integrated Health
12:00pm A5068 Implementing a modified diet and exercise program to improve hospital employee health and wellness
Authors: Charmaine V Gentles, DNP ANP-BC RNFA
Presenter: Charmaine V Gentles, DNP ANP-BC RNFA
12:00pm A5076 Relation between body composition and diet-induced thermogenesis among postoperative roux-en-y gastric bypass patients with weight regain
Authors: Silvia Faria, PhD MS ; Orlando P Faria, MD; Mariane M Cardeal, MD; Lucas Ferreira, RD
Presenter: Silvia Faria, PhD MS
Malabsorptive & Epidemiology/Physiology
12:00pm A5274 Disparities in human papillomavirus vaccination prevalence and age of administration by body mass index among us women: Population-based cross-sectional analysis
Authors: John A Harris, MD MSc; Alison A Garrett, MD
Presenter: John A Harris, MD MSc
12:00pm A5275 The effect on fasting insulin at 2 years after laparoscopic bariatric surgery
Authors: Erik Stenberg, MD PhD; Ingmar Näslund, MD PhD; Eva Szabo, MD; Johan Ottosson, MD PhD
Presenter: Erik Stenberg, MD PhD
Metabolic Surgery For Diabetes
12:00pm A5147 Two step conversion of longitudinal sleeve gastrectomy to roux-en-y gastric bypass: Optimal technique for increased diabetes resolution
Authors: Ragui W Sadek, MD; Andrew M Wassef, BA BS
Presenter: Ragui W Sadek, MD
12:00pm A5148 Bariatric surgery as a first line treatment of type 2 diabetes in patients with obesity class I and II: 89% diabetes remission in long-term follow-up
Authors: Ali Aminian, MD; Suriya Punchai, MD; Zubaidah Nor Hanipah, MD; Stacy Brethauer, MD FASMBS; Phillip R Schauer, MD FACS
Presenter: Ali Aminian, MD
12:00pm A5149 Evaluation of diabetes remission in patients undergoing jejuno-ileal bypass with internal fistula in juarez, mx
Authors: Juan Aguilera, MD MPH; Pablo Magallanes, MD RRT; Elias Morales, MD; Fernando Magallanes, MD; Richard L Atkinson, MD FTOS; Leah D Whigham, PhD FTOS
Presenter: Juan Aguilera, MD MPH
Portuguese Posters
12:00pm A5361 Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in a patient with agenesis of the left hemidiaphragm
Authors: Chandra Hassan, MD; Luis Fernando Gonzalez Ciccarelli, MD; Mario Masrur, MD; Antonio Gangemi, MD; Francesco Bianco; Pablo Quadri, MD; Lisa Sanchez-Johnsen, PhD; Pier Giulianotti
Presenter: Chandra Hassan, MD
12:00pm A5362 Abordagem laparoscópica de gist gástrico em paciente com obesidade, gastrectomia vertical uma boa opção
Authors: Thiago Patta Silva, MD; EDWIN CANSECO, MD; Alber Figueiredo, MD; Rebeca Oliveira, MD
12:00pm A5360 Análise preliminar da variação dos níveis de interleucina-6 no pré e pós-operatório de pacientes diabéticos com imc<35 submetidos ao desvio duodenal parcial
Authors: Paulo Nassif, PhD; Luciano Dias de Oliveira Reis, MD; Fábio Quirillo Milléo, PhD; Giovani Marino Favero, PhD
Presenter: Paulo Nassif, PhD
Revisional Procedures
12:00pm A5273 Roux-en-y gastric bypass versus sleeve gastrectomy: What factors influence patient preference?
Authors: Michael C Morell, MD; Kara J. Kallies, MS; Brandon T Grover, DO; Shanu Kothari, MD
Presenter: Ayman Soliman
12:00pm A5236 Reduced port laparoscopic conversion of vertical banded gastroplasty to roux-en-y gastric bypass (hand-sewn anastomosis)
Authors: Annie Lafortune, MD
Presenter: Annie Lafortune, MD
Scientific Research
12:00pm A5092 Increased mitochondrial fusion and biogenesis in the liver of obese rats following roux-en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Jessica Sacks, MS; Anny Mulya, PhD; Ciaran E Fealy, PhD; J. David Mosinski, PhD; Mangesh R Pagadala, MD; Olivia Dan; Stacy Brethauer, MD FASMBS; John P P Kirwan, PhD
Presenter: Jessica Sacks, MS
12:00pm A5093 A systematic review of studies of dna methylation in the context of a weight loss intervention
Authors: Lucia Aronica, PhD
Presenter: Lucia Aronica, PhD
Sleeve Gastrectomy
12:00pm A5136 Benefit of staple line reinforcement: Single center experience following 740 consecutive sleeve cases using staple line reinforcement and a standardized technique
Authors: Joseph G Noto, MD Candidate; Maher El Chaar, MD FACS FASMBS; Leonardo Claros, MD FACS FASMBS; Jill Stoltzfus, PhD
Presenter: Joseph G Noto, MD Candidate
12:00pm A5129 Predictors of improved outcome after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy; experience on 490 consecutive patients in a teaching center of excellence
Authors: Mohammad Afrasiabi, MD; Arsalan Salamat, MD; Nancy Panko, MD; Kenneth Copperwheat, DO; Rami Lutfi, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Mohammad Afrasiabi, MD
12:00pm A5100 Robotic vs. laparoscopic surgery for sleeve gastrectomy; a comparative study
Authors: Samer Alharthi, MD MPH.; Mohammed Ageel, MD; WEIKAI QU, MD PhD; Jorge Ortiz, Md; Munier Nazzal, MD
Presenter: Mohammed Ageel, MD
12:00pm A5138 When is the best timing of multidisciplinary approach for bariatric patients?
Authors: Hideharu Shimizu, MD PhD; Fumihiko Hatao, MD PhD; Motoyoshi Tsujino, MD
Presenter: Hideharu Shimizu, MD PhD
12:00pm A5117 Sleeve gastrectomy as a bridge procedure in a three steps restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis for ulcerative colitis
Authors: Giulio Giambartolomei, MD; David Romero Funes, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD; Samuel Szomstein, MD FASMBS; Eric Weiss, MD FACS; Raúl Rosenthal, MD
Presenter: Giulio Giambartolomei, MD