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Adjustable Gastric Banding & Adolescents
10:15am A5018 Educating about surgical options to obesity by live-tweeting a pediatric gastric sleeve procedure
Authors: Melissa Santos, PhD; Christine Finck, Md; Christopher Carroll, MD
Presenter: Melissa Santos, PhD
10:15am A5019 Laparoscopic gastric plication in pediatric patients with morbid obesity
Authors: Jonathan H DeAntonio, MD; Hannah H Cockrell, Medical Student; Hae Sung Kang, Medical Student; Nancy Thompson, MS RN CPNP CBN; Claudio Oiticica, MD PhD; David A Lanning, MD PhD
Presenter: Jonathan H DeAntonio, MD
10:15am A5020 Decision making in adolescent bariatric surgery: How do we pick the best surgery for adolescents?
Authors: Nicole Boone, PA-C; Meghna Misra, MD; Melissa Santos, PhD; Shefali Thaker, MPH; Christine Finck, Md
Presenter: Melissa Santos, PhD
Bypass Procedures
10:15am A5042 Impact of preoperative hypoferrmia on rybg patients
Authors: Maximo Schiavone, MD; Valeria Wiersba, MD; Cristina Figueroa Villalba, MD; Tatiana Ruffa, Student; Nicolas Paleari, MD; Gabriel Menaldi, MD; Pedro R Martinez-Duartez, MD FACS
Presenter: Maximo Schiavone, MD
10:15am A5044 Laparoscopic repair of perforated duodenal ulcer after laparoscopic roux-en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Saqib Saeed, MD; Khuram Khan, MD; Amrita Persaud, MS MED RDN; Mohammed Sbeih, MD; Sanjiv F Gray, MD; Leaque Ahmed, MD
Presenter: Saqib Saeed, MD
10:15am A5043 Short term results of gastric bypass with short alimentary limb
Authors: Lilia I Gutierrez, MD; Christian O Ramírez Serrano Torres, MD; Ricardo Sanchez, MD; Rafael Guzman, MD; Francisco J Campos, MD; Israel A González González, MD; Néstor Apáez Araujo, MD; Raúl Marín Domínguez, MD; José G Romero Lozano, MD; Juan M González Machuca, MD
Presenter: Lilia I Gutierrez, MD
Comparative Trials & Endoscopy
10:15am A5330 Ercp after sleeve gastrectomy:a single institute experience
Authors: Mohamed Samir, MD MRCS; Medhat Dr Anwar Hamed Samy Aly, MD; Tamer N Abdelbaki, MD MRCS
Presenter: Medhat Dr Anwar Hamed Samy Aly, MD
10:15am A5331 Endoscopic closure of gastrogastric fistula
Authors: John S Paek, DO; Matthew Fourman, MD FACS; Carrie Watson, DO
Presenter: John S Paek, DO
10:15am A5329 Comorbidity remission following intragastric dual balloon placement
Authors: Habib Khoury, BS; Katie Shpanskaya, BS; Francine Lapiche, PA; John Morton, MD MPH FACS
Presenter: Habib Khoury, BS
10:15am A5269 Biliopancreatic blind limb as a rare cause of intussusception at the jejunojejunostomy after roux-en-y gastric bypass
Authors: Sepehr Lalezari, MD; Gina Adrales, MD MPH; Hien T Nguyen, MD; Alisa Coker, MD; Thomas H Magnuson, MD; Michael A Schweitzer, MD
Presenter: Sepehr Lalezari, MD
10:15am A5270 Small bowel obstruction due to internal hernia caused by laparoscopic adjustable band tubing in a patient with band over previous gastric bypass
Authors: Shotaro S Sano, DO; Javier E Andrade, MD FACS; Mehulkumar Joshi, DO; Alexander Gonzalez-Jacobo, DO
Presenter: Shotaro S Sano, DO
10:15am A5255 Robotic assisted revision of gastric bypass for chronic marginal ulceration
Authors: Jeffrey E Quigley, DO; Manuel Garcia, MD; Stephanie P Keeth, DNP ACNP-BC CNS CCRN CBN; Daniel Srikureja, MD; Aarthy Kannappan, MD; Marcos Michelotti, MD FACS; Esther Wu, MD; Keith R Scharf, DO
Presenter: Jeffrey E Quigley, DO
Emerging Tech & Nutrition
10:15am A5291 Post-operative pain outcomes in robotic sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Netanel Alper, MD; Brian Bassiri-Tehrani, MD; Julio Teixeira, MD
Presenter: Netanel Alper, MD
10:15am A5309 One year later: Are dietary changes maintained following sleeve gastrectomy?
Authors: Katie N Robinson, PhD MPH; Blair M Rowitz, MD; Margarita Teran-Garcia, MD PhD FTOS
Presenter: Katie N Robinson, PhD MPH
10:15am A5290 Novel intraoperative provocative testing of the stapled duodenal switch anastomoses
Authors: Lindsey S Sharp, MD; Peter C Ng, MD; Dustin M Bermudez, MD
Presenter: Peter C Ng, MD
General Interest
10:15am A5171 Which patients should be placed on a bariatric bed? the relationship between bmi space required to turn in bed
Authors: Neal Wiggermann, PhD
Presenter: Neal Wiggermann, PhD
10:15am A5197 Partnering a surgical weight loss program with a community-supported agriculture program to influence patient behavior and outcomes
Authors: Ann M Rogers, MD; Sarayna Schock, BS
Presenter: Ann M Rogers, MD
10:15am A5198 Adding a medical weight management program enhances bariatric surgery referrals
Authors: Maureen E Miletics, RN BSN MS CBN; Maher El Chaar, MD FACS FASMBS; Leonardo Claros, MD FACS FASMBS; Sagar V Mehta, MD; Kate Boardman, MS RD LDN; Jill Stoltzfus, PhD
Presenter: Maureen E Miletics, RN BSN MS CBN
10:15am A5174 Title: bariatric surgery as a tool: A qualitative exploratory study
Authors: Andrea E Bombak, PhD; Jackson H Bensley, BAA; Nick Eckhart, MA MPH Candidate; Leah J Markel, MA
Presenter: Andrea E Bombak, PhD
10:15am A5169 Perioperative bariatric surgery outcomes of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: A single institution experience
Authors: David Romero Funes, MD; David Gutierrez Blanco, MD; Luis Zorrilla, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD; Samuel Szomstein, MD FASMBS; Raúl Rosenthal, MD
Presenter: David Romero Funes, MD
10:15am A5170 Effect of preoperative physical function status on perioperative bariatric surgery outcomes
Authors: Sarah Samreen, MD; Marie Hunsinger, RN; Marcus Fluck, BS; James Dove, BA; Jon Gabrielsen, MD; Peter N Benotti, MD; Anthony Petrick, MD FASMBS; David M Parker, MD
Presenter: Sarah Samreen, MD
10:15am A5196 Designing an electronic framework for maintenance of mbsaqip accreditation: A process management tool
Authors: Jessica K Smith, MD; Dana Jones, DNP
Presenter: Jessica K Smith, MD
Integrated Health
10:15am A5066 Effects of comprehensive bariatric program development and implementation on 30-day readmission and 30-day er/infusion clinic visit rates due to dehydration
Authors: Azra Kukic, RN
Presenter: Azra Kukic, RN
10:15am A5067 Obesity and health care: Indicators, measures and tools in the context of rio de janeiro, brazil
Authors: Evelyn Kowalczyk dos EK Santos, MD; Cintia C Curioni, PhD; Jorginete De Jesus JD Jorginete De Jesus D, PhD
Presenter: Evelyn Kowalczyk dos EK Santos, MD
10:15am A5065 Comparisons in lifestyle and personality traits among morbidly obesity subjects, high risk group in morbidly obesity in a medical university hospital in taiwan
Authors: Shu-Chen Wei, RN; Chii Cheng; Weu Wang, MD
Presenter: Shu-Chen Wei, RN
Malabsorptive & Epidemiology/Physiology
10:15am A5273 Roux-en-y gastric bypass versus sleeve gastrectomy: What factors influence patient preference?
Authors: Michael C Morell, MD; Kara J. Kallies, MS; Brandon T Grover, DO; Shanu Kothari, MD
Presenter: Michael C Morell, MD
10:15am A5272 A weighty issue: Gender disparities in bariatric surgery counseling
Authors: Lee-shing Chang, MD; Shervin Malmasi, PhD; Naoshi Hosomura, DDS DMSc; Huabing Zhang, MD; Victor J Lei, PharmD; Alexa Rubin, BS; Clara Ting, BS Pharm; Kimhouy Tong, BA; Alexander Turchin, MD MS
Presenter: Lee-shing Chang, MD
Metabolic Surgery For Diabetes
10:15am A5145 Impact of bp length and disease phenotype on changes in intestinal morphology and enterocyte dynamics after rygb
Authors: Thomas C Mielewczyk, BS; Atanu Pal, MBBCHIR; Eleanor Rudge, MD; Ali Ardestani, MD; Tara E Deelman, MD MSc; Renuka Subramaniam, DVM PhD; David Rhoads, PhD; Eric G Sheu, MD PhD; Ali Tavakkoli, MD
Presenter: Thomas C Mielewczyk, BS
10:15am A5144 Predictive value of the diarem & abcd scores in a chinese multi-center retrospective study of roux-en-y gastric bypass (rygb)
Authors: Wah Yang, MD; Shaihong Zhu, MD; Zhong Cheng, MD; Nengwei Zhang, MD; Liangping Wu, MD; Jingge Yang, MD PhD; Yi Chen, MD; Shuqing Yu, MD; Tengfei Yang, MD; Jason Waggoner, PhD; Michael Schwiers, MS; Robin F Scamuffa, MS; Elliott J Fegelman, MD; Cunchuan Wang, MD PhD
Presenter: Wah Yang, MD
10:15am A5146 Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry in metabolic surgery:role in evaluating central obesity and in body mass index correlational analysis
Authors: Liyong Zhu, MD; Lei Zhao, MD; Shaihong Zhu, MD
Presenter: Liyong Zhu, MD
Portuguese Posters
10:15am A5363 Fechamento rotineiro do hiato na gastrectomia vertical, uma nova realidade?
Authors: Vladimir Schraibman, MD PhD; Marina Epstein, MD; Gabriel Maccapani; Marilia S Fernandes
Presenter: Vladimir Schraibman, MD PhD
10:15am A5358 Cirurgia revisional: Conversão de by-pass jejuno-ileal com anel para gastrectomia vertical laparoscópica
Authors: Thiago Patta Silva, MD; EDWIN CANSECO, MD; Alber Pessoa, MD; Rebeca Oliveira, MD
Presenter: Thiago Patta Silva, MD
10:15am A5359 Evaluation of nutritional status of vitamin d and anthropometric parameters in individuals with obesity in pre-operative of bariatric surgery according to the edmonton obesity staging system
Authors: Adryana Cordeiro, MD PhD Student; Silvia Pereira, PhD; Bruno Rodrigues, MD; Carlos José Saboya, MD; Andrea Ramalho, PhD
Presenter: Adryana Cordeiro, MD PhD Student
10:15am A5356 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and its association with metabolic syndrome in the preoperative period in patients undergoing bariatric surgery
Authors: Bruna Schild, Nutritionist; Luciano Santos
Presenter: Bruna Schild, Nutritionist
Revisional Procedures
10:15am A5234 Laparoscopic reversion of roux-en-y gastric bypass to sleeve gastrectomy with linear stapler gastrogastrostomy due to intractable anemia and malnutrition
Authors: Rodrigo Villagran, Md; Gabriela A Smith, MD; Sofia Araya, MD; Carlos Flores, MD
Presenter: Rodrigo Villagran, Md
10:15am A5232 Robotic redo heller myotomy after laparosocpic heller myotomy in a patient with recurrent achalasia after a roux en y gastric bypass
Authors: Karl T Byrne, MD; Diana Axiotis, PA-C; Nina M Crowley, PhD RDN LD; Molly Jones, RD
Presenter: Rana Pullatt, MD FACS
Scientific Research
10:15am A5090 Cardiac remodeling patterns in severe obesity according to arterial hypertension grade
Authors: Lilian Cardia, MD; Roberto de Cleva, PHD; Victor A araujo, MD; Marco A Santo, MD PhD; Carla Cristina O Buchalla, MD; Denis Pajecki, MD
Presenter: Lilian Cardia, MD
Sleeve Gastrectomy
10:15am A5133 Does bougie size during laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy affect weight loss?
Authors: Jenny Shao, MD; Victoria Lai, MD; Calvin S David, MD; JR R Salameh, MD
Presenter: Jenny Shao, MD
10:15am A5135 Is it safe to perform concomitant cholecystectomy with laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy?
Authors: Stephanie G B Wood, MD; Sandhya Kumar, MD; Stanley J Rogers, MD; Matthew Y Lin, MD; Jonathan T Carter, MD
Presenter: Stephanie G B Wood, MD
10:15am A5114 Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy as a treatment for medically refractory gastroparesis in a patient with morbid obesity and diabetes mellitus
Authors: Channing Y Chin, MD; Karen Chang, DO; Douglas M Krahn, MD FACS
Presenter: Channing Y Chin, MD
10:15am A5134 Are pathologic findings in sleeve gastrectomy surgery related to postoperative outcomes?
Authors: Pablo Quadri, MD; Luis Fernando Gonzalez Ciccarelli, MD; Lisa Sanchez-Johnsen, PhD; Antonio Gangemi, MD; Chandra Hassan, MD; Mario Masrur, MD
Presenter: Pablo Quadri, MD
10:15am A5116 Weight regain after lsg starts after the second year and increases yearly with 30% of the weight lost regained after six years
Authors: Mohit Bhandari, MD; Winni Mathur, BPT MBA(HA); Mathias Fobi, MD
Presenter: Mohit Bhandari, MD