Course Overview and Target Audience

This course is designed for both Surgeons and Integrated Health Professionals. This multidisciplinary course is designed for bariatric surgeons, general surgeons who provide call coverage for bariatric surgeons, emergency department physicians, critical care specialists, hospitalists, and internists who manage postoperative bariatric patients. The program gives a foundation of common knowledge for all members of the bariatric team who are involved in the evaluation and management of serious life-threatening conditions in bariatric patients. This knowledge is applicable in both large tertiary hospitals as well as small rural emergency departments.

8:00am Welcome and introduction
8:10am Protocols, multi-disciplinary team, and staff education
Rachel Moore, MD FACS FASMBS
8:35am Preoperative evaluation & Optimization
Corrigan L Mcbride, MD
9:00am Choosing the right operation: who chooses? How do you make the decision?
Samuel Szomstein, MD FASMBS
9:25am Psych Evaluation: can we predict who will have problems?
Martin Binks, PhD
10:00am Gastric bypass: history, technique and outcomes
Alfons Pomp, MD FASMBS
10:25am Sleeve gastrectomy: history, technique and outcomes
Daniel Herron, MD FASMBS
10:50am The less common operations: BPD-DS, SADI, adjustable gastric band
Tara Wilson, CST CSFA
11:10am Postoperative Followup: how often, what to follow, lab work, division of labor
Pamela Davis
11:35am MBSAQIP Accreditation: is it important? How can I obtain it?
David Provost, MD FASMBS
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Chronic complications for sleeve & RYGB: internal hernia, chronic pain, marginal ulcer, GERD, incisional hernia
Luke M Funk, MD MPH
1:55pm Inadequate weight loss and weight regain: medical management after surgery
Christopher D Still, DO FACN FACP
2:20pm Revisions and conversions: when to do them, technical pearls
Julio Teixeira, MD
2:50pm Alternative bariatric therapies: balloon, Aspire, future endoscopic therapies
Shawn M Garber, MD
3:15pm Case presentations & panel discussion
4:30pm Adjourn