Corey Louchiey
  • Sports Industry Consultant & Motivational Speaker
  • First & Life


Corey Louchiey is a decorated former NFL professional athlete, accomplished New York area business executive, and noted philanthropist. He is the Co-Founder of First & Life, a training and development company that teaches individuals and companies across the country how to be a catalyst for positive change in order to reach personal and professional goals and attain long-lasting success. As a motivational speaker, he inspires others based on his personal experiences. Often, he speaks to help motivate talent, to get the best out of sales teams, and on health and wellness issues at conferences and on behalf of his clients. He also hosts a weekly blog radio show. Corey is a former spokesperson for “The HOPE Program” (Heart, Obesity, Prevention, Education), which is a health and wellness initiative for former professional NFL athletes sponsored by Covidien, the NFL Players Association, and the Living Heart Foundation.

Corey’s extraordinary life story is the inspiration behind his mission to show others that it is possible to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve greatness. A native of Greenville, South Carolina, he transformed his own life from that of a young man with a speech impediment who was labeled with a learning disability to becoming an accomplished professional with a successful career as an NFL football player, corporate executive, and public speaker with a sports talk radio show. Using his signature “Unlocking the Hero in You” system, Mr. Louchiey is passionate about teaching others how to master accomplishing seemingly unattainable goals and tap into their limitless potential.

After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Business Management and Retail, he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1993 and spent five years as an Offensive Tackle protecting Bills Quarterbacks – including NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly – where he was a member of the Bills’ 1993 AFC Conference Championship and Super Bowl XXVIII teams. In 1998, he played for the Atlanta Falcons and was a member of the 1999 NFC Conference Championship and Super Bowl XXXIII teams. In 2001, he officially retired from the NFL.

Corey’s post football career has included being a business owner, overseeing business development for several corporations, and pursuing various business ventures.

Maintaining close ties to football and the sports industry, he spent four years serving in a leadership capacity as the President of the NFL Players Association’s New York/New Jersey Former Players Chapter. He is also a member of the New York Chapter of the NFL Alumni Association.

Mr. Louchiey’s transition from the field includes supporting numerous charitable and philanthropic causes. Most notably, he serves as an ambassador athlete and spokesperson for Autism Speaks, the Make a Wish Foundation, and the United Way. He is a board member of (a financial literacy organization for underserved youths) and The Game Plan Foundation (an organization that provides assistance to former NFL players).